Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Wonderful Worcester...

Last week I had to travel to Worcester for a meeting. It sounds like a trial but far from it (meeting was a trial, as always though!) - I LOVE Worcester! Such a gorgeous place, it reminds me of Durham with lots of history and winding streets.

There are some really, really lovely shops in Worcester, the kind where you would like everything inside, or pick up the shop and transport back North! My favourite is this one below, New England Contry Store. Oh how FAB is this shop!! Here are a few pics of all the loveliness they sell! I bought a few things in there, little signs for me and a friend.

Another gorgeous shop is the one below, Candles & Soaps. This sells all kinds of home decor accessories. I bought a rusty wire mesh apple (looks better than it sounds honest!) which is a tealight holder. I'm keeping it for my Autumn decoration so I'll post pics then.

I so enjoyed wandering around, looking at the architecture and history. I went to the Shambles and then into the Cathedral which is a sight to behold, absolutley beautiful. It really takes your breath away. I didnt have too long to look around as I'd arrived quite late in the day, so I eventually went back to my hotel armed with M&S finest sushi and a magazine and had a long hot bath!!

I have been here a couple of times previously, but never had the time to have a look around so this time I made the most of the opportunity. My hotel was in the centre of Worcester, and I was gutted to find that the spa and pool were out of order due to maintenance. I always find train travel tiring and after walking around too, I was looking forward to some R&R in the spa! Maybe next time... (Next mornings full English lardy breakfast more than made up for it though!!)

If you live in Worcester, you are very lucky indeed!

BH x


  1. Ah yes,I remember visiting Worcester when an old flame of mine's sister moved there and we went to stay (many moons ago now). Im glad you had such a smashing time, what lovely shops!! I think those sorts are treasure troves and could spend hours browsing (although quite impossible with a 2 year old :)

    Julia xxx

  2. It all looks fabulous, and looks like you had a wonderful wonderful time!!!! (in spite of the spa being closed) ;)
    ♥ Teresa

  3. Its worth suffering a boring meeting when they send you somewhere special.I had a couple of "corporatey" jobs before I had kids, and had to travel around a lot. I used to love it then, but I think thats why I prefer my tent to a hotel now for holidays. A hotel just feels like I am at work!! Ive never been to Worcester, must pop it on the "list".
    PS Thanks for the tag, I'm giving it some thought. xx

  4. Looks wonderful - I'm very jealous of your visit to the New England Country Store! G

  5. I haven't been to Worcester for a long time, I used to go to the Janet Coles bead shop! Love the cushion you made for your friend, your jam looks delicious too!
    Rachel x

  6. It looks really good here, may have to visit some time, and it looks as though you really enjoyed yourself. xxx

  7. Oh that looked loverly!.....Someday...sigh....I want to visit too!



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