Sunday, 30 September 2012

A 'Cosy Autumn' Day...

Hello all,

Time to grab a cuppa for this post - it is a bit weighty on the photo front!!

Today I had a really great day, in a nutshell it goes like this; first was a trip to the fab Crafts House (along with Lovely Mum and Mrs C) for their Macmillan event, 'The Mad hatters Tea Party'. There I met the lovely Sam from Tinks Things and Faces and my Cosy Autumn Swap partner, then home to cook a whopper Sunday Lunch, AND open up swap goodies...and what goodies...and indulge in a little bit of fantastic cake...

As you can see, the Crafts House was taken over by cake! The Mad Hatter theme was truly evident, there was a large friendly rabbit selling raffle tickets, a cheshire cat slicing cakes (amongst other fab costumes) beautiful cake stands and oh so pretty china tea cups to boot! Sandra - I forgot to say how pretty your dress was - LOVED it!)

yep, some of that chocolate cake came home....! and delish it was too - all the sweeter knowing it was for such a good cause too

A few weeks ago, over at Strawberry Patches blog, I spotted a tea cosy and fell in love with the pattern. To find out they were being sold to raise funds for todays event meant I was first in line with sharpened elbows at the ready to get one of these! Thank you Brendie for such a lovely, lovely pattern - cant wait to get started on it - I love the little hexies templates that are tucked inside a mini envelope, too cute!!

I also got to meet in person Sam, my Cosy Autumn swap partner. We found out we were both attending the event and decided to swap in person - "Hi Sam, and THANK YOU again!"
We didn't open our parcels at the event, so chomping at the bit, I had to wait 'til Sunday lunch was all prepared and firmly in the oven before I could sit down and enjoy...
All I can say to Sam is two things... WOW and THANKYOU...

Oh the eye candy... everything was so beautifully wrapped and labelled, encased in a large rustic basket...

Lovely felt shapes in gorgeous autumnal colours tumbled like confetti from the cellophane...

Pine cones and little choccie pumpkins popped out too amongst the packages...

How great is this...? A button pumpkin...fab...

the whole package smelled so seasonal, thanks to these...

"I've shopped all my life and still I have nothing to wear..." how true!

cosy socks...with hearts on YAY!


Crystal skull chocolate...haven't opened it yet but cant wait to see whats inside it

be still my beating heart....divine...

I cant wait to get started on this, possibly the best Autumn idea I have ever seen!

yep, still more goodies....

Inside this lovely little bag was some felting wool, a felting needle and some gorgeous accessories. I've not tried this craft before, but so looking forward to it

These acorns are felt! GORGEOUS!

last by no means least, a beautiful piece of agate in one of my favourite colours...turquoise/Tiffany blue...

Thank you so very much Sam, for such a thoughtful, kind and inspiring swap parcel. I am truly grateful and in truth, overwhelmed! xxx

I can show you what I put together for sam now...:-)

A little acorn scented cross stitch...

I have been making little seasonal wreaths out of mini pumpkins with bay leaves in between, and the hanger is consists of a decoupaged clay apple, Cypriot bay leaves, dried apple scented with vanilla and cinammon and obligatory glitter...

My first attempt at jewellery making! Packaged in a little organza bag adorned with leaves

Some sparkly gloves...

A notebook covered with autumn toned fabric...

Some lemon biccies in what I think is great packaging!

a sugar and spice tealight to go inside something I forgot to include...:-(
(will leave it at Sandras when I'm next passing)

I had a great time making things and putting it all together. I am also looking into how the Cosy Autumn and Haunting Halloween participants can all share in one place our Autumn/Halloween swap goodies. I'll have a play around tinterweb and post over the next couple of days how we can do that - or if anyone knows a way? All pointers appreciated!

Thanks again to Sam for being a wonderful swap partner, and also to Sandra for hosting todays event, (I hope lots was raised, we had a great morning - thank you!)) and to Brendie and Lucy and all the other ladies who I met for the first time today, hope to see you all again soon

BH xxxx


  1. What a lo of wonderful goodies photos...where do I start...I've been over them twice now and need to look some more....lucky you such a generous swap full of glitter and splendid colours...Sharon at from my Front Porch,my swap partner over in Tennessee has received my parcel I'm pleased to say.

    Enjoy lots!!!

    Amanda :-)

  2. ..i was chuffed you were on the 'hill'today with your Mam and Mrs C to join in our tea find out how many people follow your blog and were happy to meet you!!(charging for your autograph next time!!)..what wonderful swap gifts i have really enjoyed looking at all the photos

  3. Love cozy autumn days too. What a fab day and so much to see here. That button pumpkin caught my eye, it is lovely. I see things like this and feel the urge to have a go and make one. Something else to add to that long list of mine!
    I agree with the biscuits package, it is fab.

  4. How lovely to swap parcels in person and what a wonderful basket full of prettiness you got!
    The Autumn photo list would be perfect for a bloggy photo challenge!
    Have a good week!

  5. That looks & sounds like a wonderfully fun way to spend a Sunday, and your Autumn swap goodies are gorgeous. I am continually awed by the amount of creative talent that there is here in Blogland!
    Happy Monday,

  6. What fabulous swap parcels. May I ask where you found the little pumpkins? They are divine. XX

  7. I have just completed my 'cosy autumn' swap with The Cookie jar and we really enjoyed our first foray into blog swap land. We have both posted about our swaps on our blogs. Looks like you had a super swap too. People are so generous!
    I hope you'll run it again next autumn.
    Best wishes

  8. It was a pleasure meeting you yesterday. I read your blog regularly and now that I've met you up close and in person it's even better. That was a fantastic swap with some really lovely things. Enjoy.

  9. Firstly thank you for stopping by my blog. I thought I would pop by your world and say hello too and I am so glad I did. Its just lovely and I will be following from now on.
    How sad am I that I missed the cosy autumn swap though! What a wonderful idea, in fact you have inspired me to do something similar. I had a little giveaway a couple of months back but never hosted a swap and so I think I may have to organise one. It looks such fun (and who doesn't love receiving a parcel of lovely goodies).

  10. Hi, thank you for your comment about my flowery cowly thingy! I'm afraid I'm going to upset you now with my answer to the pumpkin questions...! The yarn is some Rowan pure wool that I dyed myself using Kool Aid and the pattern is my own too. I will be writing it up though, if you can sit tight for a bit! Sorry, not a lot of help I know :-/

    Sandra x


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