Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Crafty Stuff...

Hello all,

This time of year always sees a flurry of activiy on the crafty front, I think it has to do with the nights drawing in, curtains closing early and hibernation mode engaging...not altogether a bad thing either - I love it!

These are a few bits and bobs the craft stash has unearthed/been topped up with recently..

Lovely Mum has been knitting, a pattern courtesy of Mrs C for pumpkins so she made this one on Sunday morning and gave it to me to stuff and sew up, so it will be ready to be displayed along with my other Autumn/Hallowe'en things in the next few days...

Recent forays into the depths of blogland have led me to some lovely French sites, and I have to say the French really do have stitchy style! A few magazines and book purchases have been made and are full of gorgeous, stylish designs crying out to get started on..

This floss is called Noel and is a variegated thread from a company called Weeks Dye Works. I've used this before and it creates a lovely effect, very festive. This is intended to make a few Christmas hearts to go into my gift basket (which is currently 100% empty..!)

Sunday was an opportunity for a little bit of 'stash shopping' at the 'Pins 'n' Needles event with Lovely Mum... not that topping up the stash is needed; I could probably open a shop with what I have, but there was too much temptation to resist the goodies...

Lovely, fabrics...

Bargain fat quarters which will keep for next year now I think...

Enough sparkly beady bits to keep my inner magpie very happy...

And one purchase I never thought I'd make...wool/yarn and a pattern... I've not knit anything for a terrifying amount of years, but the colours and texture of this was just so gorgeous I couldn't pass it by... not Autumnal I know, but just soooo pretty...

Lovely Mum had to cast on for me as I couldn't remember how to (she also did a few 'starter' rows for me - thank you xx!) The pattern is simply garter stitch, and knit on huge needles, so I headed on home keen as mustard to get started. Sunday afternoon was glorious, so I donned my old comfy aran jumper (which a small family could happily fill) and went to sit outside to knit! Have to admit, I'm loving it!! Face-Tube-ing will follow for more advanced stitches (eg purl..) I'm sure... :-)

This mag made its way into my basket this week too, I cancelled the subscription a couple of months back, but was afraid I'd miss something in the Christmas issue so I succumbed...

The Oreo Dairy Milk just topped Sunday off perfectly....oh.my.word.  
simply deeeelish!!

Have a good week all,

BH x


  1. Kerry I love the colours of the ice yarn, they are so pretty. Fab knitted pumpkin too.

  2. Looks like you are making the very most of the cosy autumn days!

    Must hunt out some of that chocolate, shush dont tell the weight watchers lady...;)


  3. I always feel I want to hibernate too at this time of year, snuggle down and knit,crochet or sew. Trouble is work gets in the way for me!!

  4. I have put out the lovely things that you gave me for our swap, and I am still as thrilled with them as I was two years ago! I'm going to France for a day's shopping next week, and hope to pick up lots of crafty bits & bobs. XX

  5. Fabulous goodies! Oreo dairy milk, need to be getting me some of that!!
    Victoria xx

  6. Now I'm drooling, I haven't seen the Oreo Dairy Milk, I shall have to look out for it. I've been trying not to buy magazines just lately but I've decided that I'm going to treat myself to a Christmas edition, I don't know which one yet though. The Ice yarn gives such a pretty effect, gorgous colours too.

  7. An Oreo dairy milk? Oh my!! Gorgeous goodies too :) Hazel x


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