Sunday, 14 October 2012

Out and About...

Hello all,

Now that Autumn is in full swing it has been lovely to get out and about and enjoy the seasonal outdoors...

Last week t'other half and yours truly headed off nice and early to Low Force and High force which are relatively closeby to us...

There was a visible bank of fog hanging over nearby Middleton-in-Teesedale as we drove across the moors from our neck of the woods. It was an incredibly cold and frosty morning but the fog dissapeared by the time we arrived and parked up...

Clear skies were left, of that gorgeous cornflower blue that appears too infrequently at this time of year...but when it does...just lovely...

Perfect as a backdrop for these sheep marching there way along the stone wall...

Took along the all singing all dancing camera for a change and the difference is amazing, especially when attached to a tripod and camera modes 'played about' with (in an all knowing fashion, of course...)

The weather and light was perfect for photographing... this is a bridge across the Tees with an old ornate iron railing at each end..

First waterfall was Low Force...after all the recent rain, there was a particularly heavy water flow...perfect...

Heading on up to High Force, the damp riverside conditions were spot on for fungi...this little beauty was really rather large...I imagined all sorts of fantastical creatures having this as their home...

You can actually hear the rumble of High Force before you see it, the water is that powerful...we stepped out onto a rocky outcrop to sit, take in the lovely view, have a bit of a picnic, and allow me to faff with my camera...Sundays dont get much better...!

T'other half, it has to be said, has a far better 'eye' for shots than I do, all too often he'll point something out I'd have missed, such as this wonderful web glistening in the autumn sun...

So intricate and delicate, you can  really see this with a close up/macro view...

I came home all inspired to get some seasonal bits and bobs out on display, to help cosy the place up as the evenings more often than not have candles galore lit and I do love to bring a bit of the autumnal outdoors indoors... The apothecary jar is filled with pine cones, putka pods (mini pumpkins) and felted acorns (from my Cosy Autumn swap - thanks Sam!) Some conkers would have added to the mix well, but they're like hens teeth to find this year...

Some new wax tarts to melt in the burner, by Kringle Candles (son of the Yankee Candle founder apparently) and I have to say these are delicious fragrances...Pumpkin Spice and Maple Sugar...the latter being my favourite of the two...

Another trip to York this week, although a whistlestop visit, I had to pop into my favourite little shop to check out their Hallowe'en stuff... it didn't disappoint either...

This cute little pumpkin came home..I only really like cute pumpkins, not the sacry faced ones!

Betty's also had to be visited, these little black cat cookies really caught my eye but the queues were huge and I couldn't be bothered to hang about, I just wanted to get back into the car and head home!!

The walk back to the car took me down a few lovely streets and past quaint houses I'd love to peek inside...

Just gorgeous colours; I love the freshness of  the spring, the lazy haziness of summer, the crispness of winter...

 But give me the beautiful golden colours of autumn any day...

Have a good week all,

BH x


  1. Lovely photos, really captured the autumn season!


  2. Lovely post Kerry. Your pics of High Force are great, I haven`t been there for ages.

  3. Great photos - so bright and clear - cute halloween pics too xxx

  4. Gorgeous post today! Loving the halloween goodies too.

  5. beautiful pictures - especially the magical toadstall! x

  6. Your pics are really gorgeous, you've captured a perfect day just, well, perfectly!

  7. Lovely pics - we love the walks around low force and high force - really should do them a little more often. Thanks for sharing. Linda xxx

  8. Oh my goodness....that mushroom has set my imagination running wild for the day! Lovely photos, thank-you for sharing.
    Take care,
    Sarah xoxo
    PS thanks for stopping by my blog earlier :-D

  9. What lovely Autumnal pictures, very inspiring! Love the cute little pumpkin too :)

    Take care, Estelle xx

  10. I'm not a huge lover of autumn, but if we got more sunny days with those gorgeous blue skies, I think I'd warm to it. There's so much fungi around at the moment, but that toadstool looks like something out of a story book. I can just imagine all the fairies and pixies that live underneath. I love the photo of the spider's web, the light catches it beautifully.

  11. Thanks so much for popping by my blog and buying my pattern! So exciting that you're going to give crochet a go! I hope you get on well with it, I got in a right pickle when I started but if you keep practising it will click! If you get stuck on anything in the pattern let me know, I'll try and help you out. Good luck!

    Sandra x

    PS lovely pics btw :)

  12. Great photos! My daughter is going to a school near York to do a gap year next year (from Australia) and I have lready told her she mst go to Betty's !


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