Friday, 23 November 2012

A Golden Late Autumn

Hello all,

So here we are in the latter part of Autumn - already! Cant believe we are now just over a month away from Christmas, so bearing that in mind I have been making the most of my favourite season (which seems the shortest to me too)

Candles are on the go all year round in my house but at this time of year it is the homely, comforting fragrances that I particularly like, so if the weather is on the drab side (as it usually is) a cosy candle is lit pretty much as soon as I come through the door..

Luckily this year the weather was perfect on Bonfire night, which was spent outside on the patio watching fireworks accompanied by a lovely Pinot, a humongous pizza, a blazing chimnea, more candles dotted about and obligatory sparklers...

Slow shutter speeds and sparklers really are a great combination!

Before the baubles and tinsel season begins in earnest, I've been enjoying a few Autumn-ie purchases like this bag charm made of pearls, a silver leaf and an amber heart - its no wonder I couldn't resist it, it screamed my name from afar...

This little bracelet is a new favourite, the little maple leaf and mini acorn are so pretty, I've been wearing this a lot recently...(thank you lovely Mum!)

A couple of Sundays ago I took advantage of a morning on my own by heading off to the Gibside armed with Gadget Camera...T'other half is none too chuffed when were out and I'm on a photography mission as I do tend to stop randomly at any opportunity to take photos...and given that on this particular day I came home with 200+ shots its no wonder he gets bored!

The oak lined promenade was just about in full autumn glory colours, by this weekend I think they'll be at their peak, so perhaps another visit on Saturday will be required...

The trees are gradually shaking free of their leaves as this thick carpet of oak leaves tells..
I managed to catch a falling oak leaf albeit discreetly (very discreetly I have to say, so as not to look like some random nutter on her own running about catching leaves). The reason (s) being (if you dont know) is that to catch a falling oak leaf before it hits the ground means you will have no colds all winter, it will also bring you luck and prosperity, guard against illness and pain and is also thought to aid longevity and preserve youthfulness. My favourite though is that if you catch a falling leaf and give it away it brings luck for the recipient, so I will be giving this one away...(hopefully catch more this weekend too as I've a few people I'd like to give them too..appears as though I'll have to look like random nutter after all then...ah well, I've done worse I suppose..)

Ah, the golds and yellows were soooo lovely.. I walked for ages, it was so peaceful and relaxing...

I've spotted red kites before in the area, but never photographed one - they're usually gone in a flash, but this one had obviously spotted something as I watched him for a good five minutes or so circling about the same area..he was at quite a height but still the huge wingspan was evident..

Earlier on in the morning, I'd slow-roasted the last of the pumpkins, so made pumpkin soup which was perfect to come home to on a seasonal day such as this..

As it's 'Movember'too, good luck to those who are taking part and raising funds for this..

And what November post can be written without respectful acknowledgement to our service personnel both past and present...thank you

BH x


  1. Beautiful pics and thanks for the lesson on catching oak leaves - we've got an oak tree in our garden so I'm going to stand underneath it and try catching some leaves without being seen therefore eliminating the possibility of being labelled a nutter! :-)
    Have a great weekend,

  2. Dear Blueberry Heart
    I really like your lovely autumnal photos in this post - particularly the swirly sparkler and the autumn leaves. Very representative and appropriate for this time of year.
    Best wishes

  3. What a super post, really sums up the season. I am an autumn person too, and I agree, it seems to fly by!


  4. Ah! That was a lovely post.Sums up a lovely month!


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