Friday, 2 November 2012

Happy Hallowe'en 2012

Hello all and a slightly belated Happy Hallowe'en!

One of my favourite 'holidays', I just love the colours, atmosphere and 'spirit' of the whole Hallowe'en thing...

Any excuse really, to decorate and faff about with decorations and candles...oh, and eat lots of sweet stuff...

Old favourites come out, 'Candy Corn' swirl and 'Trick or Treat' YC fragrances...

A few other bits and bobs...this knitted pumpkin lovely Mum made recently...

Another trip to York, another trip to Betty's!

There has been a bit of a sugar overload during the 'orange and black' season...there's been cakes displayed in quirky spider leg cupcake holders...(they didn't last long it has to be said...)

There's also been some cinammon sugar pumpkin cookies baked....

They were wicked with a brew...

I've been waiting almost a year to have a go at stuffed jack o' lantern peppers ever since spotting them on Pinterest ...When presented with his tea the other night t'other half just smiled and shook his head....!

Speaking of Jack O Lanterns, this is the pre-carved version in the snow on Saturday morning...yep, we had snow in was only Easter the last time we had it...early snowfall the sign of a bad winter??? Let's hope not too bad...

This giant cookie sums up Hallowe'en for me...

I really do!!

Have a good weekend all,
BH x


  1. Great pictures those biccies look yummy - off to google a recipe xxx

  2. Looks like you had a fab time. Loving the knitted pumpkin. Melanie x

  3. Love your Halloween photos - hope you had a good one.
    Patricia x

  4. This is a lovely post with lots of lovely halloween goodies and ideas. Ours was a bit more low key and the weather was so bad we only had four trick or treaters! That meant we are still finishing off the sweeties we bought!

  5. Fantastic photos, especially live the smiley pepper!

  6. Hi :)

    We've been paired up in Mad about Bags Cracker Swap :) Was trying to find an email button on your blog but have failed!! Can you email me via mine so we can swap likes/dislikes etc.

    Thank you :)

    Love the idea of the stuffed pepper - can see that MrVV reaction would be the same!

  7. I love you Halloween Culinary treats. The Jack o Lantern Peppers were my favourite. I will be waiting until next year now! xxx

  8. Hello BH
    Your mother's knitted pumpkin caught my eye straight away....its it.
    Looks like you've had a great halloween with lots of goodies and you set the scene very well with some great decorations.

    keep well

    Amanda :-)


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