Monday, 31 December 2012

At the Christmas Workshop...

Hello all,

And a very blustery start to the end of the year here 'up north' it is too!

I thought I would take this opportunity to update and share one of the hilights of the festive period for me, a trip to the wonderful Crafts House and the amazing Christmas Workshop.

I almost didn't make it (despite looking forward to it immensely) due to an incident the night before involving a flight of stairs and a clumsy oaf (me) but oh, what I would have missed!!

As always, Sandra makes the experience at the Crafts House exactly that, an experience. As soon as you walk through the door and spot your place at the table you cant help but let out a little squeal of excitement as your eyes fall upon the goodies laid out before you for the afternoons creating...

First project of three (yes, three!) was a gingerbreadman jar - yes - jar!!

This is he just about to get his first coat of paint...

The paint techniques Sandra demonstrates are soooo effective and bring the little fellow to life before your very eyes... so amazing that little pots of paint (and Sandras guidance) can make something so three dimensional...from the the shading around the edges to the blush on his cheeks, he really stands out..

The addition of a little waistcoat (red with white polkas - how happy??!) was then finished off with three little heart buttons down the front for a final flourish...

I've filled him with smarties and warned t'other half from snuffling them as it looks so nice all finished and sat on the bench in the kitchen!

Project number two was a dangling reindeer hanger...

The shading again brought him to life in front of your eyes, and with a very festive rosy glow too! Paper collar round his neck and around his hooves too in a lovely seasonal green...the cutest bit though was his huge red nose!

Here he is hanging on the twig lights, though he's been moved several times over the holidays - currently residing as a door hanger - where he looks best I think...

The third project was just sooooo clever! Who'd have thunk the humble cinnamon stick could have such a transformation??

Cinnamon stick Santas...unbelievably gorgeous!

Red hat painted, little face painted and some magic 'snow' was added to white paint to make it nice and textured for his gloriously long beard and hair...the final touch of a glitterfest sprinkled all over makes him sparkle like crazy in the Christmas tree lights..

And I bet you spotted the fabulous goodie bag in the first picture?? Well imagine my delight when mine was red with white polkas!

Here's what delights were inside....

The candy cane is on the Christmas tree, the chocs were shared and the berry scented tealights...

They went inside my new glass tealight lamps and smelled gorgeous!!

If you are in the local area, I cant recommend enough a visit to the Crafts House...several hours are magicked away in a wonderfully creative bubble - THANK YOU Sandra; Lovely Mum, Mrs C and I had another fantastic afternoon !! x

As an aside, and also related to the Crafts House, I will be back to show you what Santa brought me for Christmas...what a massive, amazing surprise it was too!!!!

Until then, I hope everyone has a great New Years Eve whatever your plans (lets hope the weather improves!) and may 2013 be happy and healthy for you and yours,

BH xxx


  1. OMG - they are all amazing, but would you be kind enough to share how you created the Santa? I have a huge bag of cinnamon sticks from the florist wholesalers just waiting to be transformed. Happy 2013 XX

  2. Dear BH, thanks for your lovely comments on my post, and love this post of yours! What a fab way to spend a day ... Where is it? I'm in the north-west but haven't heard of anything like this around here! Looking forward to hearing about Santa's surprise next time!

    Love Claire xxx

  3. What fantastic things you made, the crafts house sounds magical!

    Happy New year to you and yours.


  4. It looks like a lot of fun at Crafts House. I love the style of painting on the reindeer and gingerbread man. What a great idea to make a gingerbread man jar!

  5. Your makes are gorgeous! What a lovely place to spend an afternoon (or day!) Happy New Year to you. Sue x

  6. Looks like you had loads of fun! Happy New Year, hope 2013 is another crafty one for you! :) x

  7. What great projects - I really love the jar. Have a great new year!

  8. Love all your makes - hmmm might see if I can get booked up for next Christmas - very jealous of your gingerbread man - far too cute. Am intrigued what you got for Christmas :-) have a great new year - look forward to your posts in 2013 xx

  9. What a wonderful place to be! I love the cinnamon Santa! Health and Happiness to you and yours for the New Year x

  10. Happy New Year Kerry! After id made my first gingerbread man at The Craft House i then went back to buy some more for Christmas pressies, have now got an order with a local gingerbread lady for next year for lots more!!! but my favourite were definately the cinamon santas, again i made some more and hung them off presents. Hope you and your mam had a lovely Christmas x

  11. Ooh lovely makes! I have passed there loads but never been in I must go this year.
    Love your Christmas pressie too it's stunning I'm green with envy xx

  12. Wonderful pics as usual Kerry


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