Sunday, 2 December 2012

Christmas Creating & Candles

Hello all,

So December has arrived - and at the speed of sound as far as I am concerned. Where has this year gone to?? Still, I am far from complaining, I LOVE Christmas, especially the run up to the big day itself.

One thing I indulge in even more than usual at this time of year is candles, plenty of them too. This year Lovely Mum bought me a 'book' of Yankee Candle Christmas votives so I am merrily burning my way through them - they are gorgeous too..

'Cherries on Snow' is a lovely fragrance, I am saving this particular one for an indulgent evening spent up to my neck in hot soapy bubbles, loud music playing, chocolates and a chilled bottle of Pinot..bliss...

 Christmas crafting has been in full swing recently, lots of little felt creations I have had a go at making for the first time...

These can be made whilst sat watching telly in front of the fire...perfect little makes which only take a couple of hours to do...

As I've a big soft spot for anything Christmas pudding shaped, these were ideal...I'll keep one for little old me and the rest will be given as gifts..

Love making these little felt gingerbread men too, with an obligatory heart about their person..

The advent calendar is the largest piece of quilting I've ever attempted and I am so pleased with the way it turned out (the picture in the brain sometimes bears no resemblance to the finished project!)

An advent gift for Lovely Mum, there's a little gift for her in each of the pockets. It made it look bulky with them all in though, so for 'aesthetics' I took them out to photograph it (forgetting to remove the lotto cards though d'oh!)

On the wall just behind, you may have spotted this picture. It's actually a cross stitch I did a few years ago called 'Celtic Christmas'.

It took three years on and off to complete, and I have to say I dont think I'll ever do it again! Though the feeling of satisfaction when it was finally done was immense! It has metallic threads and beads galore which the glass of the frame hides when photographed - to the naked eye it sparkles away quite happily, especially with soft light from the lamp beneath.

After a stitching hiatus for a few years, I am now back on track with it, and so relieved I didn't get rid of all my old stitchy magazines. I've been looking through them with fresh eyes and finding lots of future projects once the Christmas gifts have been made and the fairs are all over with.

As it's still early, I haven't gone the whole hog yet with decorations, but bits are popping up here and there about the house. This teapot was bought in the January sales and it has had to wait until now for an airing - I love it!

As well as crafting and making, a bit of shopping has been enjoyed...a long lunch at the Sigegate with Mrs C was full of festive eye these mugs - bunting and hearts and red too, what's not to love?

This time of year sees a number of Christmas markets popping up and this outdoors one in the North East on Friday evening was a pleasant surprise. It was indeed exceptionally cold and frosty, but that just made it feel really festive. Along with Lovely Mum, we needed a trip to the pub afterwards to sit by the fire, re-fuel with some stick-to-the-ribs bangers and mash which was absolutley perfect and thawed us out nicely...

Loads of stalls had soooo many heart shaped goodies and this little house called out my name to take it...

This December I am taking part in a photo challenge which will document the festive season and I just love that sort of thing. The first picture required was "8 o'clock", so at 8 bells last night on December the first, this was what I took...the advent calendar and of course the scene wouldn't be quite complete without a candle!

Have a good week all,

BH x


  1. Gorgeous makes! Love Yankee candles, such yummy smells!
    Victoria xx

  2. Lovely Christmas post. I love all your makes. Also the ideas of the relaxing soak sounds amazing.

  3. Dear Blueberry Heart
    What a lovely Christmassy post and congratulations on the Christmas makes too.
    Best wishes

  4. What a fab post love all the pictures - gorgeous - you have lovely taste xxx Your Celtic cross-stitch is gorgeous the work that must have gone into it - wow!!! Glad you've got back into cross stitch - looking forward to seeing more of your decorations xx

  5. Love all your craft projects and your Celtic Christmas is beautiful.
    Patricia x

  6. I love your advent calendar, it's beautiful. Your Celtic cross stitch is gorgeous. Well done x All that hard work paid off! Sue x

  7. I love your Xmas puddings, and advent calendar. Wish I had the patience to tackle bigger projects. XX

  8. I love your craft work! It's beautiful! I might just have to "borrow" some of your ideas!
    Happy Christmas!
    Tammy xx


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