Sunday, 27 January 2013


Hello all,

I dont know about you, but January brings out the magpie in me. Probably to do with dark nights and long grey days, but anywhere sparkle is to be had, I'm there...

I hung a blingy disco glitter ball in the downstairs loo, (much despondent shaking of the head from T'other Half ensued, but it stays put) and it catches the sun marvelously...

Today was surprisingly warm (compared to recent days) and blue sky was accompanied by the rare golden ball in the sky which made said glitterball sprinkle light around the room...lovely. See, every loo should have one!

Earlier in the week during a particularly snowy and cold evening, I visited the gorgeous Vintage Amethyst online shop and treated myself to a few sparkly pieces which were in the sale...

This gorgeous bracelet is a multitude of disco glitter balls! This is going to gleam in the sun... and pearls...this combination is so perfect to me...

Bought the heart too.. simply because it's a heart...just cant resist hearts...

Simple and will go with so many things...

This year I am trying to spend less time looking at stuff on tinterweb I might fancy having a go at making at some point in the future, and actually get on with things I have in sitting in the stash all ready and waiting...

This strand of beads is one such project languishing in the pit of the stash. I bought them ages ago and all that had to be done was to actually sit down and string them onto elastic...

It's not like it took very long to complete either... and the only extra I had to do was add an obligatory dangly heart charm...

The bling theme continues too...this time to the kitchen this time and an ice cube tray... (not too unusual after a glitter ball in the loo is it?)

This is no ordinary ice cube tray though, oh is blingy...

Yup, diamond rings of ice...

An absolute nightmare to photograph, probably due to the fact I didn't use my 'proper' camera, and also that they froze cloudy-looking.. (will use bottled water next time I think)

The bling gin bottle was a prezzie from Lovely Mum when we were in Cyprus for my wedding 18 months ago...surprising that any gin has lasted that long in my presence actually...

Lastly on the bling front, a bit of a simple crafty creation made with sheets of glittered velum paper that I had left over from making my wedding bits and pieces.

It's also a creation that gives another use for a wine glass....intrigued????

Tealight lamps!

These are so easy to make, just cut the shade shape out of any paper (sheer/translucent is best), glue edges together, and pop over a wine glass with a tealight inside...

I made sure there was no paper sticking over the top of the rim of the glass, just so the heat didn't catch the paper...(could always use battery tealights just as easily for the same effect)

I really love the simplicity of these as well as the versatility. The garden this year will be illuminated by these on a warm summers evening...(thinks she dreamily/hopefully/over-optimistically..)


The final bit of bling is this teeny of two I have that house my most cherished and favourite photos...this is me and Lovely Mum when I was little...the other has a picture of my Lovely Nanna and beloved Gramps. I carried that particular picture frame with me on my wedding day in a little blingy crystal encrusted heart shaped bag that Lovely Nanna bought me for the big day!

I really think I must have been a magpie in a previous life...!

Have a good week all,

BH x


  1. I got some nice things from the Vintage Amethyst sale too. January has made me go all Shabby Chic!
    I love the ice cube rings, what a great idea.

  2. Beautiful... I'm quite enchanted by the glitter ball in the downstairs loo, love the idea of it! Love a bit of bling and sparkle :) xx

  3. such lovely pictures giving a warm glow in the cold. x

  4. Birds of a feather flock together lol! Think I was a magpie too :) love your blinging goodies, and the tea light lamps are fantastic...must have a go as I have tons of vellum.

    Glad you liked my sparkly spoon!

    Hugs, Estelle xx

  5. What a crafty little idea! Loving the tealight lamps!!

  6. ..a glitter ball in the that and the lamp how effective is clever creative lady

  7. Ha - I'm so glad that I'm not the only one guilty of spending too much time reading about other people's makes! XX

  8. Bling is just what is needed to cheer up january.

  9. What great buys, and makes! Am partial to a wee bit of bling myself too - especially in the dark mid-winter!
    Happy Monday,

  10. Oh what a beautifully sparkly post!
    A glitter ball in the bathroom is a fantabulous idea, love love love it
    love jooles xxx

  11. Every home should have a least one glitter ball! :) x

  12. loving the wine glass and shade - think I might give that a go!

  13. Woww, Is very very beautiful your blog and your work, you are a great artist. congratulations. Kisses from Spain.

  14. I love your bling! It makes everything so cheerful!

  15. The jewelry is beautiful - especially love the multi-beaded bracelet. It's Ground Hog Day here in the States. Hope you're having a happy, cozy, and warm weekend! -- Jan


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