Sunday, 6 January 2013

Happy New Year...

Hello all,

So the sun finally set on 2012 and I can look forward to 2013 with fresh eyes, good intentions and a clean slate...nothing like a 'new' year to get you sorted...

To help blow those 2012 cobwebs away, we set out to enjoy the clear blue skies of the first day of 2013...

We headed down to the village and walked along the river Derwent which was exceptionally full due to all the recent rain, and areas along the banks had obviously flooded where the river had burst its banks..
The water was extremely fast flowing, and a bit scary to be so near to actually (I am completely terrified of water though!)..

On the ground were some bits of greenery that strangely looked like seaweed and I have to say was a bit bemused by it until I walked past a tree that was sprouting it from every branch. It must be some sort of lichen? (all suggestions/info welcome on it thanks!)

It was so nice to be out and about, getting some exercise and fresh air after all of the recent festivities and indulgences..
Some of which are still being undertaken...(chocolates...)
Upon returning home, I was going to sit and open a bottle of wine and watch Madame Butterfly (my favourite opera - a Christmas present from t'other half ) but it's one of those you have to be in the right frame of mind for, and New Year always leaves me melancholy to say the least, so probably not the best time to watch this armed with a bottle of vino...however, when my 'New Year Mood' improves I will look forward to sitting down and enjoying this in all its magical, touching glory..
You may wonder what I chose out of the telly guide to watch?? Well  'Up' was the choice and that had me in floods anyway!! It completely wasn't what I expected, but so lovely to watch anyway and I sooo enjoyed it..sentimental fool that I am..
This Christmas I was again so lucky to receive some gorgeous gifts, and here are a few..
This book was on my wishlist and as I read a Christmas themed book each year in the festive run up, I'll save it til next Christmas to savour and enjoy...
The bracelet lovely mum gave me...hearts and stars...perfect!

Nothing so cosy as a few candles lit over the festive period, and this particular candle holder will go on throughout the whole year too...

Another heart shaped decoration is living on the mantle now that the decs are down...I've waited since Christmas day to put this out on display! A gift from Lovely Nanna  and I love it...

Time has been spent on the odd crafty bit, not too much mind as the season has sapped me of all energy!
This gorgeous candle lantern was given to me a while ago, and although I loved the rustic brown it was painted,  I've been so inspired by the Nordic/Scandinavian interior style over the holidays that I came over with the urge to arm myself with a can of cream spray paint and change it...fits in so much better now...

So, my last post posed a bit of a teaser...and here's the first glimpse...

and another teaser....

And here it is!! T'other half surprised me massively with this!!

An old antique sewing machine has been on my wishlist for so many years, and now I have one!

Local readers and frequenters of the fab Crafts House may recognise it from there, where I had admired it sooo often. I've plans to 'stage' it with lots of lovely accessories and for it to live in the hallway in full view, but for now it is in the corner of the living room til we sort the last of the Christmas bits and bobs out of the way...oh, how I love it! What a huge suprise it was on Christmas morning - not the easiest of presents to hide!!

So for now, may I you all a very Happy New Year and lots of health and happiness for 2013..

Thanks too to all my followers and to those of you who have been so kind and left such lovely comments over the past year..thank you
BH x


  1. Oh wow - LOVE your sewing machine! Full marks to your other half! And I have that same little heart candle tin too :-)
    Happy new year,

  2. Lovely photos Oh I am a wreck when I watch Up - beginning, middle and end a total embarressment to my boys - lol. Your sewing machine is gorgeous - enjoy xx

  3. What a wonderful gift from your man! Wow! Love the candle holder too. A very Happy New Year to you x

  4. Happy 2013! May you make lots of lovely things on that fantastic machine! :) x

  5. I'm glad I'm not the only one scared of water, i have had no bad experiences and can swim very well but there's something about it!

    Your hubbo was very kind to you with your Christmas gift!

    Vanessa x

  6. It is indeed lichen - possibly Evernia prunastri. (I'm afraid I have become a bit of a lichen nerd recently!)

  7. The only water I like is a nice hot bath, nothing deeper and nothing colder! Wow! what a machine, expect you have lots of plans for things to make.

  8. Beautiful photos. I read Jenny Colgan's book. A great read.

    Best wishes for 2013

  9. Wishing you a beautiful 2013!
    love jooles x


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