Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Busy Bee...

hello all,

A bit picture heavy post this one, so time to grab grab a cuppa...

This weekend saw the sewing machine work its little knobs off. Not in a long time have I sat and spent so much time cutting fabric, sewing, pressing and embellishing...well after having a busy couple of weeks and with the snow arriving yet again, it was the perfect day to stay in and get cracking with a few bits and pieces...

This cream heart was found amongst the stash all ready cut out and pinned together. I  do remember buying the glittery fabric at one of the first craft fairs I ever visited years ago, and this heart was more than likely a UFO from back then. The ribbon loop and bow was part of the packaging wrapped around some fleecy socks at Christmas - I never throw any 'bits' away as the size of the craft stash will tell!

Simply and quickly hand sewn and a crystal droplet added to the bottom was the final finishing touch...

The main thing I got on with was the teacosy...yep, started it at long last after much promising myself I would!

Of course the obligatory tea break was in order....

needed to ponder any embellishments required  whilst watching a pretty heavy blizzard out of the window...

It made up a dream..thanks to great instructions. Normally there's plenty of unpicking, amending and the odd swear word, but not this time...

There was a smidgen of cheating though... the pattern called for 'hexies' to be made for the flower applique, but try as I might the whole process was too fiddly for me to get right in a small version for a first attempt so it was simply fused onto the fabric and blanket stiched around... (I dont think you can tell really!) however my love of hexies remains and I WILL master it!

It was all quilted by hand and next time I think a heavier wadding can be used (but I only had some thin in the stash) given the hand quilting part. The bits are all cut and ready to make another as thats the part thats my least favourite - the dreaded cutting out...it takes me ages and I'm too impatient...:-)

The button is so gorgeous. It came with the pattern and was painted by the ever so talented Brendie of Strawberry Patches who was also the clever designer of this beehive...

I added the door knocker (made out of wire) and heart to the door as the particular neutral fabric I used here looked a bit 'bare' and in need of a little something extra...

The soft varying cream tones were selected as an alternative to the lovely deeper colours on the pattern photo simply because I love neutrals. The flower just had to be red, because it's my favourite colour and because it stands out so well against the creams...and there's got to be a few polka dots!

This is for Lovely Nanna as a Mothers Day gift, hope she likes it.

Huge thanks to Brendie the designer and button painter, Lucie for your hexie advice (much appreciated!) and to Sandra for hosting the event where I got my mitts on this fab pattern!!

There have been a few more things on the creating front too, a Roman blind and some bunting, even a Gibside picnic (yep, picnic) but I'll save those for another post...dont want your cuppa to get too cold!

Have a good week all,

BH x


  1. Love the cosy, it is really gorgeous! well done. I am sure your Nanna will love it. Sue x

  2. It's truly lovely! Good job well done :-)

  3. How pretty, you have been busy!

  4. It's lovely, especially that cute bee button!

  5. It's fantastic, well worth all that work! :) x

  6. ..how 'cosy' is that tea cosy..i want to open the door (knocking first of course) and walk in..
    looking forward to your next creations

  7. Love that cosy! I'm all in favour of frequent tea breaks, especially when they include Tunnochs teacakes.


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