Sunday, 3 February 2013

Jog On, January....

Hello all,

I cant begin to tell you how these little golden daffs, sitting so innocently on the kitchen windowsill, have lifted my deflated spirits. As if with some magical foresight, they have given a glimpse into warmer, sunnier and brighter days ahead.

January this year has been difficult to say the least, so the appearance of these little flowers signifies so much....

This week, I spent an afternoon with a friend having a chat and catch up over leisurely lunch at a restauraunt on the Quayside in Newcastle. It was such a blustery day, spray from the river was being swept along its surface with such force but the combination of water and sunshine created shimmery, fleeting mini rainbows. Just lovely. Nice to be inside and looking out type of day...

We were sat at a table right beside the window which along with those multi coloured flashes, provided a great view of the Millenium bridge, and best of all...the sun was streaming in, falling upon my pale sun-starved face and topping up the hungry vitamin D levels that little bit...

Upon returning home, I caught up with the Great British Bake Off Comic Relief episodes I had missed earlier in the week. Nothing like donning the extra large fleecy slippers (a Christmas gift!), snuggling under a quilt and cracking on with a bit of my scarf...

It is however, the worlds longest scarf. Not in length no, but duration. A simple 15 stitch per row garter stitch scarf that was started in the Autumn is not quite finished. Still, I find it relaxing, the colours are cheerful and are such lovely pastels they scream 'Easter'. So I am aiming to have it completed by then, another 6 weeks or so; a bit optimistic at this rate...? Hmmm..perhaps!  I do have another ball of the same 'ladder wool' but in jewel-like Christmas colours that should be all ready by the festive season if I start soon and manage this same 'speed' of knitting!

The kitchen I find, is also a relaxing place. I can spend many an hour in there blaring the radio, flour dusting every single surface, using every dish possible and creating some new concoction found more often than not on tinterweb...

Sometimes though its a tried and tested recipe that you can pull out and make relatively quickly, such as the humble apple pie...

I'm firmly on the side of cinnamon in an apple pie...lots of it too...its the homely smell that gently wafts throughout the house as it bakes that I enjoy almost as much as the eating...who needs scented candles lit when a pie is in the oven...?

This time I experimented a tad, the addition of Golden Syrup drizzled over the apples was rather nice...

An industrial sized apple pie to take to Lovely Mums and have after Sunday lunch, served with clotted cream ice cream...a million calories in all likelihood, but really worth every one! Proper soul food indeed....that and being with family was a pretty perfect Sunday...

Rounding off the weekend, and realising Mothers Day is not too far off, I have started on an overdue project...the Beehive teacosy...

On reading the destrictions, I realised that I had not one clue on how to make a 'hexie', so after lots of googling and You-Tubing I think I've got it sussed... to leave the paper in though, or not to leave the paper in?? Out I would suspect for washing purposes but some tutorials were a but vague...any tips hugely appreciated!

So, the important bits are sorted ready for this coming weeks' after-work playing...the fabrics.
I've chosen soft creams in varying shades of pattern and gentle colour for the main hive, and bright red polkas and some soft ditsy florals for the hexie flower...can't wait to start it..

It is going to be for lovely Nanna, and hopefully enough fabric left over for one for home too...

Hopefully next week I will have at least one completed teacosy and perhaps a new love of all things 'hexie'!

Have a good week all,
BH x


  1. What an ambitious soul you are. This cold weather has me double down. Maybe some pretty flowers would lift my spirits. Thanks for the idea.

  2. Yum . . . I can almost smell your pie baking in the oven. In fact I'm thinking about getting up from my computer and going into the kitchen to bake my own apple pie. I've got every thing I need, without running to town, so, I think I'm going to do just that. Thanks for your inspiration . . . My husband will be delighted when those lovely smells start drifting through the house. Right now he is glued to the TV and the Super Bowl.
    Have a wonderful day . . . love your daffodils. Think Springtime:)
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  3. This is a lovely post. Lots of lovely things to read about.The apple pie looks divine and so what if it is highly calorific! We need comfort food at this time of year. I too have bought myself some daffodils which are now in full bloom filling the kitchen with a gorgeous scent.They really do lift your spirits.
    P.S. cant believe its only 6 weeks to Easter!!!

  4. Hi Kerry

    You take the papers out. I hope you enjoy making your tea cosy.

  5. Great minds think alike. The apple pie has just come out of the oven. Daffodils are my favourit flower.

  6. The apple pie looks lovely, have never thought of using golden syrup. Looking forward to seeing the finished tea cosy

  7. Same sentiments here. Weather have been cold and can find any to lift my mood. Love the daffodil and applie pie, absolutely mood-lifting combo. :D Got my eye on your next posts.


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