Sunday, 10 February 2013

St Valentine's Day 2013

Hello all,

This evening I'm posing a little question: St. Valentines Day - For or Against???

I dont buy into the whole over-commercialised side of things which these days is nothing more than a mere money making operation which lasts for weeks and weeks in advance of the day itself.  I do think though, any excuse to add a few red decorations about the place, create a few crafty things and all with my favourite heart theme can't be all that bad.

Today was spent at the crafty spot, well the best part of the past three days has been actually as I had the luxury of Friday off. The stash has been rifled through for all things red and heart shaped..and it's been quite productive...and relaxing...

Air dry clay is marvelous stuff, combined with alphabet stamps intended for baking use means a whole host of little things can be made easily and quickly. In the past I've made gift tags, snowflakes and name tags with these. The finished articles can be blinged up to within an inch of their lives with gems and glitter or kept nice and simple for that Scandinavian feel that has so grabbed me of late...

My keys (of all things) needed a bit of colour as there isn't a nice keyring hanging off them any longer since I lost my beloved 'Nici' hippo that I'd had for years. It was bought on my first holiday with t'other half and was all squishy and battered looking, with a little red heart on his chest and it's probably where my love of hearts started...sigh...ah well, it may turn up yet; I'll politely ask St Anthony for help with finding it, now on with a bit of colour for the keys...

The fabric may look like I have spent ages patching together mini pieces of fabric for a seamless co-ordinated look, but no, its printed. A great cheat short-cut that has come in handy for so many things.

It was all hand sewn (not worth getting the machine out for), and took about an hour in total, if that...

If you've been reading recently, you may have read about a lantern and CS bargain picture frame that got the cream spray paint treatment, well items still aren't safe from the spray can...

I bought this heart trivet at a boot sale ages ago and it was a lovely pale blue, very pretty, but not cream. I like cream (and red, but thats another post). So it got the painted cream treatment. The can still has loads left in, so my eye is on the lookout for the next thing to be 'creamed'...

Lovely Mum was at a craft fair the other week, the type that sell supplies rather than finished articles, and as soon as she spotted a bag of little padded red hearts she knew I'd find a purpose for them...indeed I did, in the good old apothecary jars. Honestly, these jars are the best £2.99 I think I've ever spent!

After last weeks post you may have been expecting to see a fully completed beehive teacosy, but it's not even been started yet. Why you may ask? Well upon looking through tinterweb for 'hexies' I stumbled across a whole new world of hexied cushions and quilts...oh the quilts...the colours...the patterns much eye candy and inspiration, and at least a ridiculous 8 hours spent tinterweb surfing these since last weekend...erm yes, I do realise that in those 8 hours I could've had the blasted teacosy all finished!

Whilst I was making the little heart keyring, what I hadn't realised was the pin cushion Lovely Mum made me was hexies! I've been using this for years now too....hexiefied information was just at the end of the phone all along...d'oh..

The kitchen has gotten a bit of extra illumination with these pretty heart lights...t'other half was none too complimentary about the "pleasing aesthetics of the pastel hued lights" not what he said but that aint for this blog... :-)

A trip to the shops came up heart shaped trumps this week with a lovely, lovely necklace that yelled my name loudly and at the same time screamed 'go on, treat yourself' I did...

Little hearts...and red...I need say no more...

The craziest whim took over on the way home, a slight diversion saw me head to Krispy Kreme and spend twelve quid on donuts I didn't want in the first place! However.....I have to say they are the tastiest donuts ever....

I am aware that last sentence reads like I inhaled the whole dozen myself, but I didn't. Honest!

T'other half, Lovely Mum and Lovely Nanna all delved in too...though I probably am more than capable of demolishing a whole box if having a particularly bad day...

Hope you all have a lovely St Valentine's Day, whether you choose to celebrate or not.

BH x


  1. I'm with you on that - avoid as much of the commercialisation as possible, but love all things hearts & red!
    Happy Valentine's to you too :-)

  2. Loving your makes!! Dont mind being treat on valentines not that it happens so much now after quite a few years lol a card will suffice - mmmm those donuts look lovely xxx

  3. It's such a shame that the supermarkets and cardshops over commercialise everything these days. Husband and I don't bother with it much - although he might surprise me with some chocolates!

  4. It has all become so commercialised. I nearly had a heart attack at the price of flowers this morning. The shops have upped their prices because they can get away with it "in the name of love".

  5. I do enjoy reading your posts! if you ever have any krispy kremes going spare - I'll inhale them for you ;) Love all your heart shaped pretties too!

    Take care, Estelle xx

  6. Thanks for popping in! We don't do the Valentines thing here. But I wouldn't have said no to one of those heart shaped donuts.

  7. Hi, I'm definitely for Valentine's Day, but not in the commercial sense. My OH and I have never gone overboard in spending money on the 14th, but we keep it more personal. I love your patchwork heart and the clay one too. I bought some of that clay before Xmas time with the intention of making decorations with it, but it is still in the packet, ooops! Maybe I will make some hearts for next year! :) Best wishes, Pj x


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