Sunday, 10 March 2013

Lovely Lazy Days...

Hello all,

I've been meaning to change the snowy tree picture on my header for a few weeks now, but after this weekends snow, it seems it is still apt after all! I do hope we have a warm spring this year though...some warmth that isn't from central heating and a fire would be sooo appreciated and there's a multitude of jobs to get on with in the garden that I cant bring myself to start yet as its just too cold still.

I had some rare time off work recently and what a luxury it has been...I'm a list maker, and the old 'to-do' list got a few ticked off, but overall it was the indoors stuff and none of the outdoors jobs...

Any lazy morning worth its weight involves heading back to bed armed with something warm and buttery accompanied by a gallon of tea...what bliss...

Followed by a bit of leisurely time spent with crafty bits (some on the 'list', some not), coming up with ideas for things to make that you didn't know you needed but then wonder why one wasn't made ages ago...this patchwork laptop case being the prime example...of course lots of red used, lovely polka dots and obligatory hearts...

My patchwork and sewing machine skills aren't brilliant by a long shot, but its so enjoyable to play with lovely fabric! This case wasn't from a pattern, more a make-it-up-as-you-go-along type of thing..

One afternoon was spent at Tynemouth, enjoying a walk with the weather being a wee bit on the bracing side to say the least....It was lovely and quiet it being midweek, only hardy souls and dogwalkers braving the beach...

A warm up was very much needed at one of my favourite tea rooms Number 61 on Tynemouth front street. It was suprisingly busy inside, maybe that's where everyone else was hiding out from the elements and having a cuppa!

Of course when we ordered tea, the request for a warm cream scone was also forthcoming!!

The tearoom always serves their teapots wearing lovely knitted cosies (the teapots, not the staff, obviously...) and this shelf housed a few...

The room has an old range and a shelf that houses a nice collection of teapots and their knitted finery, but I couldn't get a picture of those unfortunatley as there were people lunching at the table in front of it, so this is an old picture (minus cosies) taken in May 2011 when I visited with my lovely friend Miss R.

It has a very homely feel to it, the scones are homemade, and the tea is Ringtons! Perfect afternoon type of place...

We then walked along towards the Priory, and headed along the seafront...

There was such a heavy sea fret, which made for lovely atmospheric pictures, but meant visibility out to sea was virtually can see in the below picture one hardy, solitary dogwalker out with his lucky pooch making the most of a deserted King Edwards Bay whilst the tide was out...

The Miss Fenwick fog horn could be heard, emitting an atmospheric and somewhat ghostlike sound out into the thick fret...

Such a lovely way to spend an afternoon...cold, but worth braving it!

More crafting back home in the warmth ensued...making a Mothers Day gift from this...a plain, humble clock....

An artists canvas was used as a base, some colourful fabrics chosen, a bit of applique work and embellishments...

The result after a few hours was a slightly different clock altogether! A bit of embroidery using variegated threads, some ribbon and some golden transfers and it couldn't have looked more different.

There was definitely a cake theme going on for Mothers Day! I also made Lovely Mum a deceptively large strawberry cream cake..honestly this makes it look small - it was huge!

So, tonight is the last night before work takes over again...sigh....YC Black Cherry candle melt on the go and numerous tealight lamps lit around the room too...

Might even have a slice of that humungous cake lovely Mum sent me home with...well, tomorrow is the start of a brand new week... :-)

BH x


  1. Hunny your clock creation is blooming gorgeous!

  2. Lovely post! I really enjoyed all your photos!

  3. ..that canvas clock is GREAT!! The blizzards were whirling around "the hill" today

  4. Lovely post, Kerry - a true feast for the senses! Great pics and what a fab idea for an old clock. And ooh, that cake... lucky Lovely Mum :-)
    Happy Monday & have a great week,

  5. I love your clock, what an excellent idea. Cake looks delicious :) xx

  6. Lots of lovely eye candy on this post!

  7. El reloj es fantástico. Te ha quedado precioso.


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