Sunday, 28 April 2013

Gathering Thoughts..

As I've been neglecting terribly my little corner of tinterweb of recent weeks, I thought it about time a bit of a round up was had...and there's been quite a bit since the sun set on my last bloggy outing...
I love this time of year, when the sun does decide to shine, and the skies are relatively clear, there are the loveliest sunsets to be witnessed...especially from up in the hills where we are...

There's been the odd shopping outing... now I normally hate shopping with a passion, but out one day with Lovely Mum I had a great time...the scarf leapt into my hands this particular up my street...

A bit of catching up with Mrs C...the obligatory sconefest...what would take the average person half an hour...three and a half for us...

You just cant beat a "full length Gaultier, heels and a tiara..." on a Friday evening. Priscilla the musical has been on my wishlist to see for an eternity... it didn't disappoint, it was superb!!

Some time was spent with Lovely Nanna making proper stotties...I was soaking up all her tips and knowledge so I could try and make them like she does...she makes the best stotties in the North east by far...

A bit of related mainly, but a little wander about before the journey home...I walked by a lady taking a photo of a street sign, I turned to read which it was and realised I'd never spotted this one on my many trips to York previously...The shortest street in York it is apparently...and I loved the name so a snap happy me had to snap away...couldn't leave a photo op like that, could I...?

A visit to Bettys as per usual...the macaroons this time were sitting piled up in a palette of gorgeous seasonal pastelness...sooo pretty...

The grounds of the old castle walls were demonstrating that Spring was finally springing.. a sea of bright yellow daffs contrasting with the darkened old stone and the darkening skies...

A spot of feeling a bit under the weather...nothing that a lie down with some reading and chocolate to accompany couldn't fix...

A need for some fresh air and a newly discovered mojo for painting...This little cabinet was bought at a 'boot a few years ago and sat in the depths of the stash until recently..

A quick coat of Laura Ashley ivory eggshell et was quick to paint, simply because if I thought paint could freeze, on this particular afternoon it would've... SO cold it was...hence it has a solitary coat for now. However, now its painted I've a new issue; what on earth can I dress it with??? An IG lady suggested Yankee jars either side (the small ones as its a teeny cabinet) but if anyone has any other suggestions I'd be very grateful to hear as I'm stuck with this one due to its size...

The short spell in the nithering outdoors did also awaken the green thumb part of me...I'm planning a herb pot by the back door (mainly so I can make some little heart shaped 'blackboard' stakes to poke in the pot alongside the green bits)... some potato bags...some sweet pea wigwams (the sweet peas are already shooting away nicely in their trays)...some fuschia hanging baskets with flowers (allegedly/hopefully) the size of your hand...and now some tomato plants courtesy of Mr Facebook-Heinz...lets just hope it pans out as planned...

No rest for the wicked as they say, so a bit more travelling for me...The station platform was pleased the train was on time...

As I have the attention span of the proverbial goldfish, I brought along plenty to occupy me for the next 4 and a half hours...unfortunately the chunky KitKat barely made it out of Durham...

Not much time for mooching on this particular trip, but a wander about the hotel grounds after breakfast was lovely and springlike...a very misty morning, but it went on to be a glorious sunny day..


Oh, and one other teensy little thing...I had an 'occasion' birthday (one that ends in '0'), so I got horribly, beautifully, thoughtfully spoiled by those I love...a lovely, lovely day during which I cried a couple of times...not because of the '0' element, but because of my wonderful family and friends...

This is what brought about the first bout of utterly gorgeous I didn't want to cut it! I did eventually and it tasted as dood as it looked!!!

I'll try not to leave it so long next time... :-)

BH x


  1. You've certainly been busy, happy belated birthday wishes, your cake looked amazing :) xx

  2. Belated birthday wishes - what a fab cake!!! Lovely photos too your cabinet looks great - candles would look good erm... what else... will have to get my thinking cap on xx

  3. Oh happy belated birthday!! Looks as if you have had some lovely trips out over the last few weeks.I love your cake, I dont think I would have cut it!!

  4. You have been busy! Glad you had a great birthday and was spoilt rotten! :) x

  5. You've certainly been busy and having lots of fun... I'd have happily dived in to that pile of macarons!

    Victoria x

  6. You take the best pics - what a lovely catch up! Happy belated birthday too! How about displaying some pretty threads and ribbons on wooden bobbins in your lovely cabinet?

    Hugs, Estelle xx

  7. Welcome back, lovely to catch up with you again. And a belated happy birthday - that's a truly fab cake!

  8. Oooh love stottie cake - recipe please - pretty please???

  9. just found your blog - it was nice to read about all your lovely your birthday cake x

  10. Happy Belated Birthday, that cake is fab.
    I always adore your pictures.

  11. Belated birthday wishes. The cake looks amazing! I love the little road sign too, wouldn't that be good as an address??! Take care. Chel x

  12. Very belated birthday greetings to you!

    I miss living up north , Bettys is such a treat.



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