Monday, 1 April 2013

Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone,

I hope it has been an enjoyable long weekend for all, I particularly enjoy this holiday - and not just for the chocolate either! The beginning of spring, the re-emergence of life in the great outdoors and the promise of longer days ahead and hopefully sunnier and warmer weather too..

We may not have had the opportunity to believe spring has sprung recently, what with all the snow that has been falling, so to see the sun shine through the window on Sunday was just lovely...

Soft, ever so weak sunshine falling upon the tulips... was still sunshine nonetheless...

Tulips are a sure sign of spring, the windowsill has to have a jug full at this time of year to bring a bit of the outdoors indoors - especially when the weather is so wintry...

There's nothing I enjoy more on days like this than turning up the radio in the kitchen and getting stuck in with a cake. After watching Mary Berry's Easter programme earlier in the week I came over all inspired to have a bash at a simnel cake...

Plenty of gorgeous, golden marzipan (not nearly as much made it into or on the cake however - cooks perk..:-)

11 apostles later, some ribbon and a few chicks it got transported to Lovely Mums for Easter Sunday lunch...

I also knocked up a quick tray bake at the same time, perfect to grab with a cuppa..
The cake filled dome is sat upon a little table top mat in gorgeous springtime colours. It's patchwork, made from strips of a really pretty fabric range called 'Teatime' that has been languishing within the stash for ages...was nice to eventually make something with it as its such a pretty design of fabrics.

A few quick crafty bits for Easter got made, albeit quite late on the whole holiday raced up on me and was here before I knew it.

A packet of mini eggs that looked exactly like chocolate mini eggs proved to be a worthwhile pound spent...

 I got a few little projects out of a single bag like this garland. So quick and easy to make up...

There was enough left to decorate a wicker heart to hang outside...

I think I'll leave it outside for a while yet, eggs on it or not!

Real mini eggs are compulsory...they look pretty and a whole packet can disappear in a very short space of time... I have to admit to being a bit of a mean wife...I told t'other half the ones in the jars were fake - well he'd have inhaled my displays in no time before \i got to photograph them for bloggy purposes!

A fake (polystyrene) one left tantalisingly alone atop a filled jar...waiting for him to take the bait...yep, mean wife!

When not faffing with eggs indoors this weekend, I've actually managed to get outside and plant up a few things - at last...

Been trying to get some primula in pots for ages, but every morning there's been a fresh covering of snow...

Fuscia plug plants transported too,  into compost filled loo roll tubes for a couple of weeks while they grow a bit bigger...these apparently have blooms as big as your hand so there's high hopes for plenty of ginormous colour filled baskets this summer...

Even managed to take the opportunity to take a little break and sit in the sun for a bit (which was lovely if sat in its full glare - the shade was another matter entirely)  and indulge in a little bit of springtime inspiration from these Tilda books...with a cheeky cupcake too for company...

However, despite the sun making its first appearance in way too long, the wind still had an icy bite as it swept its way across the fields and moors, thanks to this...

Yep, we have quite a bit of snow still...looks more Christmas than Easter!

Last year was a snowy Easter too...

One thing that I've never, ever seen before are snowflakes... during one cold day, the type that was accompanied by a really dry coldness (if you know what I mean) there was a gentle snow flurry and what fell out of the heavens...? Proper snowflakes like these...

Wintry Easters really are sooo pretty...
Happy Easter all,
BH x


  1. Ah, the Mary Berry Simnel cake ... I made one too. It was delicious. There's quite a few of them floating around in Blogland at the moment!
    Love your snowflake pictures. xxx

  2. Oh what a lovely post BH, full of gorgeous loveliness and your decorations and the crafty bits are wonderful. I've got one of those craft books too and can't decide what to make. I also made that Simnel cake from the TV and very pleased with the result, well the amount that's left on the plate says it all! How lucky you were able to sit out in the sunshine too. Thanks for the comment you left on my post. Enjoy your time off work.
    Patricia x

  3. I love mini eggs, I think they are one of my favourite things about Easter. Your cake looks splendid, although I for one wouldn't be tempted to try it as I can't stand marzipan!

  4. Wow! Real snowflakes, how great to capture them. I love your idea of the polystyrene egg...ingenious (going to have to give that one a go!!). Have a wonderful weekend. Chel

  5. What a lovely post I feel like I've shared Easter with you. I still laugh when I think how you tricked your husband x

  6. Im glad I popped by as it's positively springy!

    Victoria x

  7. I had to laugh with the tempting fake mini egg, that is just genious :) Glad you had a lovey Easter x x x x

  8. Amazing pictures! I hope you had a wonderful Easter!
    New Follower!

  9. Hello BH
    Many thanks for your comments on my "where's my mojo" post. I agree with you mojo is a terribly temperamental thing and I don't think it has come back to me yet as I continue to not feel very satisfied with my makes. Could be I need my holidays :-)
    Anyhow I've come late to this post but no matter because its delightful to look at all these lovely photos and that simnel cake looks so delicious.
    I also imagine you have got rid of your snow by now and its getting a bit warmer.

    Oh! for a dress the same colour as those wonderful tulips :-)

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  10. Hello, Im so pleased to have found your lovely blog, iv enjoyed having a little nosey :) are you an instagrammer?

    Laura x


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