Saturday, 11 May 2013

Springtime at Last...

How long have I waited for the springtime sunshine to fall upon my pasty, sun starved face??

TOO long! The first snow fell late October, and the last snow of this winter was in April which is why I am so pleased to see that Spring has at last sprung..

Apparently the season is 5 and a half weeks behind where is should be, and the blossom on the trees is definitely late to the party this year, but oh how pretty and welcome it is...

There are few things more lovely than a blossom laden cherry tree in the spring...

Behind the window peeping from under the branches is a knitter/crocheters heaven...a lovely little wool shop with the most covetable wooden storage cabinet...the ebay search for one similar has begun...

The shop has a lovely spot on the riverside of the Wansbeck overlooking the old stone bridge in the town of Morpeth

A mooch about the town centre revealed some lovely shops..

The displays were lovely. These oversize glass jars caught my eye, but thye were display only unfortunately and the spot in the bathroom I had just earmarked for the larger footed one will have to stay empty for now..

Rutherfords had particularly nice and rustic homewares department, with lots of nice French style bits and a bit of French styling I do...

The reason for visiting the town was to come here with Lovely Mum...

This gorgeous chocolatier shop...

Such a rare little gem, an olde worlde shoppe reminiscent of times gone by...

It also has a tea room upstairs where we enjoyed an absolutely gorgeous afternoon tea...
The cakes were divine, macaroons were dusted with aurora borealis glitter, chocolate mousse adorned with mini mini maltesers and of course my major weakness in life...cream scones....

The tea room itself is like a step back to Edwardian times. Staff in costume politely curtsey and address you as 'madam' when you arrive, your tea arrives on a tray with a little egg timer so that you can see at a glance when your tea is exactly ready to pour!

Such a treat to visit a place like this, Lovely Mum and I enjoyed it so much...

This past week not only saw the sun shine on a bank holiday but it saw my lovely t'other half have a very special occasion birthday of his own - yep, its been a busy four weeks around here! We had a joint party where we were joined by family and friends to celebrate with us - what a night... music, dancing, champagne and cake...brilliant...

On Monday itself when the sun shone, we sat out in the early evening on the patio and carried on with more champagne and more cake...lovely...

The champagne was slipping down ever so well (as it tends to do in the sun for some reason...) so it would have been rude not to crack open another bottle...

Because Lovely Mum has done so much for us recently with the party and well, everything, I got her a bouquet of flowers...she needed two vases...! But what amazed me was the size of this lily...its gargantuan!

Have a good weekend all, keeping fingers crossed for more sun...champagne a possibility...

BH x


  1. Great photos - thanks for sharing - how great does that chocolate shop and tea room look - hmmmm wonder if hubby fancies a day out!!! Was Mikey monster edible??

  2. That chocolate shop with its fantastic tea room certainly looks inviting! I love those little touches that make the whole experience memorable! Congratulations to your other half on his birthday!! xx

  3. What a lovely place, everything looks so wonderfully presented, glad you had such a nice time :) xx

  4. What a lovely place to celebrate ... All that chocolate, cake and champagne ... My favourite things!

    Love Claire xx

  5. The chocolate shop looks lovely. you can't beat old world charm.

  6. Those shops look absolutely amazing!


  7. Your spring photos I just stunning. I especially love the photo of the wool shop. I must learn how to knit. I can't think of a better way to end a day than with champagne and cake!

  8. Thank you for your comment about Hawaii... if I needed confirmation I wanted to go your comment was it!!!

    V xx

  9. Your afternoon tea sounds divine closely followed by not one but two bottles of champagne - I could do with a glass right now, the early evening sun is just shining on my patio - bliss x

  10. Hi there

    Great photos!

    That sweet shop sounds wonderful...I bet they sold sugar mice???
    I just love cafes like that and the afternoon tea sounds wonderful and finishing it off with a chilled bottle of champagne ....mmm makes my mouth water!!!

    keep well

    Amanda :-)


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