Saturday, 27 July 2013

A Sunny Week...

A proper summer! Woo-hoo!

After so many recent years summers being washed away in constant downpours, it's so nice to be able to enjoy a lengthy spell of warm weather like this we've been having. The warmth at home has been an added bonus for me, as I have been hankering after some sun for a while, but with my back still far from being 100%, any thoughts of sitting for the near five hour flight to Cyprus have had to be firmly quashed for now. So a very kind boss, an almost untouched leave allowance meant a week off at short notice - and what a week to choose weather wise!

Time has been spent on quite a few crafty/revamp projects, it involved some sewing and painting here and there and its been so relaxing...

The swing seat out on the patio has been my main place of residence if I'm honest, just enough shade, just enough sun, and peace and a few cushions were called for in gorgeous fabric for a bit of plumptiousness to add to said seat...well comfort is needed when quaffing ones gin in the sun...

The patio chairs had new pads too, again in the same floral fabric. I don't know what it is that has grabbed me about florals recently, I really never used to like them at all! Anything shabby chic calls to me these days though and that's probably why...

Spending so much time outside meant I saw and got irritated by pots that needed sprucing up. I should've done these much earlier in the season but I physically couldn't, so they got a quick lick of paint and a distressed finish in a nice sage colour to smarten them up whilst waiting for the bulbs to flower - some glads in here I think and don't know what the others with the interesting leaves are..

Once they were done, I was thirsty for more. Nothing was safe from the paintbrush, so after a quick gander through my trusty notebook and endless to-do project lists, I picked out a few quick and easy ones to get cracking with...

The mirror below was a really dark mahogany finish, but nice and large so ripe for a makeover. A couple of pots of Laura Ashley paint, a little bit of time, and some inspiration is all that's needed to change things completely..

The addition of a few wooden strips recycled from an old piece of garden trellis changed the look totally, and I really like it... of course it had to be painted in soft cream... I like to have most things neutral so that different coloured accessories can be faffed about with and changed when the mood/season suits...and I do like a good faff about...

This little table was next on the list...I now wonder how I managed without it as it has had a multitude of uses since being handy to have to hand to put bits and bobs saves expelling that all important extra energy by having to reach to the floor for the telly remote or a magazine when located on a table 15" higher up... :-)

Having a somewhat limited attention span, the paintbrush lost its appeal temporarily, so after consulting the 'list', this lamp was next up...

An ebay bargain with a gorgeous glass base, but a horrid lime satin shade - has a nice shape to it though...

A rifle through the fabric stash came up trumps with a perfect piece, leftover from some other crafty to-do no doubt. I never get rid of any of my fabric offcuts and it pays to hang on to 'bits'. A glue gun, double sided tape and some glass bead trim were all that was needed to finish it...

There was luckily just enough trim lurking in the bottom of the ribbons and buttons box too...I think this is my favourite out of this weeks it sparkles...therefore the inner magpie is kept happy...

So this Saturday evening so far, I have followed the last of the sun round the garden (yes, this directors chair was on 'the list' this week too!), read a bit more of my new book, indulged in a very calorific pizza, and opened a bottle of fizzy stuff (Frexinet...deeevine)..

Next, some cookies and cream ice cream....after this week I've earned it....well kind of, but any justification always helps...

Have a sunny Sunday all,

BH x


  1. Calling in to say HI :-) and we have chairs like that :l-) :-) Luvs em :-) Lots of love :-) x x x Have a happy sunny Summer :-) x x x

  2. Hasn't the sun been brilliant, loved catching up with all your lovely revamps! :) x

  3. First off, I'm sorry to hear your back has given you grief, my mom has a bad back and I know how painful it is for her. Yay for the time off of work!! You do know how to spend your time wisely! I have to say, my favorite of your new creations is also the glass lamp, what a great find and what you did with it... wow! I've never seen glass beads on a ribbon like that, very elegant and pretty!
    Have a great week!
    Tammy x

  4. Wow!!! You have been a busy bee. The mirror is amazing, such a cool idea. Love the little table and directors chair. In fact all your handy work are so lovely. I really need to get my finger out and make a start on my long 'to do' list, you've really inspired me, thank you.
    Barrina x

  5. My goodness you have been very busy. Loving all your transformations. Hasnt the weather been wonderful for a change? I feel as if we are having a proper summer after years of miserable weather.

  6. What a lovely, summery, inspirational post!

    Love all your makeovers xxx

  7. Well you certainly have spent your week wisely and well done for ticking off some of your list! I love your lamp and mirror makeovers. Have a wonderful week. xx

  8. You certainly picked a good week off work and I love all your re-vamps.
    Patricia x


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