Monday, 15 July 2013

Summer's Here...

Well, who'd have thought it - SUMMER is here and a rather decent one it is turning out to be too!

The skies are blue, golden, pink and red (time of day depending), the sun is shining, the temperature gauges are in territory all too infrequently visited, and the gardens are positively flourishing...

Saturday morning was the type of morning that if you were to describe an English summers day, that would be it.

It started with a trip to Ripon, in North Yorkshire. I'd never visited here before, but oh how lovely a place. It was early in the morning, just before the shops opened and the city woke and the weekend bustle began. This meant the peace and quiet and morning light were perfect for wandering with a camera in hand.

There is a garden opposite Ripon Cathedral with the most gorgeous rose beds. Obviously the perfect time of year to come, because they were in stunning full bloom..

As well as the coral roses there were bright yellows and vibrant reds in large beds which made the air full of beautiful rose perfume...

The light was falling over the little garden as only morning light can...dappled and soft... you know I never used to be a sucker for roses, but these days I just love them...

The Cathedral is a beautiful example of Anglo Saxon, Gothic architecture, with the most intricate of stained glass windows...


I didn't venture inside though as the silence wandering about the grounds was broken by the choir singing...just lovely...Most of the old doors about the Cathedral were open and the beautiful sound could escape outside...

Across the road I wandered up Kirkgate, it is this little street that reminds me so much of York. Festooned with red, white and blue bunting, it was quintessentially English!

The market square also had the bunting treatment, cant ever have too much bunting in my opinion...anywhere!

A row of old phone boxes stood out, gorgeous bright red boxes that are so missed these days...I know everyone and their dog has a mobile nowadays, and there isn't really a need for them, but they're just another traditional British symbol that's all too rare to spot as all high streets and towns become 'cloned'...(in my humble opinion anyway..)

The sun throughout the day continued to crack the pavements and meant the car could have its top off again...I don't think there's been a spell like this in a long time which mean topless motoring could be enjoyed so regularly...a pure joy...

At home, the peonies, clematis and roses in the garden have taken off all a sudden. It is as if someone turned on the heat after our 9 months of winter, and everything has gone for their moment with a well, flourish...
This warm summer has meant lots of opportunity to sit outside, to read, to eat cake...

The summer warmth has also had a (detrimental) dampening effect on my crafty mojo, well I blame the heat making me lazy but being rendered out of action for the best part of a month with a bad back is kind of the main culprit. The inspiration mojo though is always hungry, so magazines and tinterweb filled that hole...

These papers are earmarked for a project, as are the majority of things in the stash if I'm honest. Lots of list making going on in the absence of actually doing stuff, that, I admit I am very good at...

Another item on said list is this heart destined for display in the huff/crafty/summer house...being out of order for so long has had direct effect on the decorating of said huff/crafty/summer house. T'other half has painted/stained the exterior, inside he's built the shelves and desk areas already, but the interior remains somewhat sauna-like in its appearance... All the paint and fabric (destined for ironically Swedish blinds) is ready and waiting, just need the mojo and spirit to shake itself a bit...

This humble jam jar did spark the old creative streak into action albeit briefly. The first sign of a warm and balmy evening immediately made me think of candle votives dotted about, so I decoupaged a couple of these jars with Emma Bridgewater tissues, intending to make beaded wire handles for them to hang about the garden...but the spark faded out and they remain unfinished, in my unfinished huff/craft/summerhouse!

I think the scone distracted me...

Enjoy the summer weather all,

BH x


  1. What a lovely day, love that rose garden! :) x

  2. Lovely photos - I know what you mean about the sun affecting the mojo - lol xx p.s. thanks for the advice re the dodgy blog xxx

  3. Gorgeous pictures! I have to admit to not venturing into my studio/craft shed for a couple of months now. Bad me! - scone looks very tasty - I'm sure that there are worse distractions!

  4. What lovely pictures of Ripon,a while since i have been so a nice trip via your blog x
    do we know where our mojo's go? are all the crafty ones gathered around a table together complaining,having a cuppa and eating cake!

  5. Love your photos of Ripon. I think the scone would have distracted me too - can't get around to anything at the moment, with lots of unfinished projects laying around.

  6. Ooh pretty piccies,craftiness and cake-perfect!..x

  7. Beautiful photos! I'm now on school summer break, looking forward to lots of fun days out with my new camera and getting back into crafting. Keep cool.
    Barrina x

  8. Great photos. I love the bright red phone boxes. They are disappearing in the states, too. but, yours are such an icon, I would hate to see them disappear. Maybe you could purchase one before they disappear. Wouldn't it look cute in the garden to store rakes and shovels in?


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