Friday, 23 August 2013

Autumn Glow and Hocus Pocus Hallowe'en Swaps 2013 - Partners Announced

Partners Announced!!!

At long last - so sorry for keeping everyone waiting. I know I originally said the 20th August but I've been crazy busy this week, huge apologies for keeping you all dangling.

Now then...who's with whom....????

Hocus Pocus Hallowe'en Swap:

Patchwork Robin and Grammy Braxton

Krafty Cupcake and SteamPunk Suzy

Sheila at Homemaking Heaven and Gilly at Gilly Makes

Indigo Blue and Blueberry Heart

Autumn Glow Swap:

Rachel Walters and Crafts@Home

Sweet Pea Family and Tracy Welham (Tracy, please can you contact me and your partner with your blog domain - I cant find a link on GooglePlus for your blogs!)

Love Those Cupcakes and Sam at Tinks Things (Hi Sam!)

The lovely Sandra at the Crafts House and Dosie Rosie

Ellie Foster and Blueberry Heart

Anne Marie at Candlelight Cottage and Tracy at Mad About Bags

Helen at Moonstruck Creations and Crafty In the Med

Chel C at Sweet Briar Dreams and Blueberry Heart

Sooo, now the fun bit begins.  If you could all please make contact with each other and arrange when you are going to swap parcels. The guidelines in the original post really are that, just a guide, so please feel free to swap when ever suits you best.

There was one extra left in the 'pot'after an odd number of players so Chel C, I hope you do not mind being partnered with yours truly, as I hope the other ladies are ok with being partnered with me!

I've tried not to put ladies together whom I may have partnered before, but I am blonde, so if you do find any duplicates or need any assistance, let me know and I'll do my jolly hockey sticks best to help you out.

Have fun everyone, thanks so much for joining in. I really love these swaps and I love it that so many others are like minded in blogworld - thanks again.

BH x


  1. Thanks for organising such a great swap. I'm really looking forward to getting to know my swap partner. xx

  2. Thank you so much for doing this, i can't wait!

  3. Hi Blueberry Heart
    Thank you for sorting out the partners. ON holiday but pactched into SIL wifi. Will email when I have found it. Already looked all over your blog for ideas.
    Take care

  4. Thanks for organizing this again - looking forward to it :-)

  5. Hi Blueberry Heart

    Sorry for the late reply I have been on holiday, and for leaving this as a comment but I couldn't see another way to contact you (my computer didn't seem to respond to your email button!)

    My blogs are or
    I will contact my partner with my blog addresses too.

    Thanks for organising this, great idea.


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