Thursday, 15 August 2013

HELP - A Right Plum Pickle...


Do any green fingered bloggers know what to do when this happens....

The biggest and heaviest fruit laden branch on the plum tree in the garden has broken off just before the fruits ripened and left this....

It was so heavy with fruit and I didn't realise just how heavy til it broke off in the wind.

Does anyone know what can be done with the scar on the trunk that's left? There are a few other large fruit heavy branches feeding off the trunk here that I am concerned may not do well now because of the damage - can I repair this gouge to protect the tree??

If anyone has any advice I'd be ever so grateful,

Thank you
BH x

(and thanks for the feedback on my last post - which turned out to be quite a thought provoking issue! If I've not popped round to visit you already, I will be soon - thanks)


  1. Dear Blueberry
    I'm not sure I can offer much advice - gardening advice currently is not to paint over pruning cuts and let nature heal itself. I don't think there is any remedial pruning to be done either, as it may cause more damage. If your tree was in the wild, it would be left to its own devices, so that's my advice in your case too. It may surprise you and be fine, but it also may not and only time will tell. I'll keep my fingers crossed for it! You could also do a bit of an internet search and see what other people suggest too.
    Best wishes

  2. Oh dear! There is quite a heavy crop of plums this year. I have asked my hubby and he said the first thing is to get some sort of prop for the other branches to hold them up while the fruit is ripening. He has used some wooden stakes and forked the top and knocked them into the ground to take the weight. He said the damage does look quite bad but he is sure there is some sort of mesh you can buy that you wrap around the damaged part to at least keep the pests and diseases at bay. I have found some information on this ( but you may have to look into this a bit more. I hope you can save it. xx


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