Monday, 26 August 2013

Late Summer Melding into Early Autumn

This past week has been a busy one, enjoyably so though. I am however, so pleased that there has been a Bank Holiday to recover a bit. It's even better as I'd forgotten about this particular day off as the end of August has just raced up ever so quickly (we'll be mentioning the 'C' word and all its elongated preparations before we know it...)

One thing I have noticed this week is the nights drawing in, so candles have been lit in an attempt to lighten up indoors now that the days are shortening ever more quickly...(I do love Autumn favourite season by far...)

There's been a couple more little makeover projects started and finished. This cabinet I picked up recently at the local boot sale for a pound, gave it a quick lick of Laura Ashley paint in 'Soft Truffle', added some Molton Brown bits to dress it with, and hung it in the downstairs loo...not bad for a quid...

LA paint is normally my first choice, but I have since been introduced to Annie Sloan. If you've not tried this before and you like painting, I highly recommend this stuff. No priming, sanding or prep in any form - my kinda paint! Just whack it on and let it dry...marvellous...

The tired pine dressing table in the spare room is now halfway through its cream treatment, the mirror that lives atop (bits of it pictured here) is done, a few frames picked up again at the 'boot for pennies and there's hardly a dent made in the amount of paint it!

I met up with a friend for a long overdue proper catch up this week with at Marco Pierre White, where we indulged in a rather splendid afternoon tea...again, my favourite! We couldn't finish all the cakes, so we both went home clutching delicate windowed boxes filled with cake to indulge in whilst watching the first episode of GBBO...

This week also saw my Lovely Mum celebrate an occasion birthday so there was last minute shopping to do for things like flowers and balloons (I had to have the help of a kind shop assistant to get these babies into the back of a mini..) We went out for lunch on her birthday and a few days later had a big party for family and friends - such a great night...I have to admit I suffered the next day - just cant handle my shandy these days...

I baked a huge chocolate cake, very rich with half a dozen eggs and almost a pound of butter, not to mention the fudge frosting and chocolate finger biscuits wrapped around the whole cake (Pinterest for that particular inspiration..) Yep, the cake was not for the diet conscious, therefore, I am pleased to say, it tasted rather nice!

There has also been a Hen night for a family wedding, a night where the men were considerably more glamorous than any of the ladies in the audience...
The wedding day itself  is at the end of this week and it's also my uncles 60th Birthday - it really has been all go on the occasion front for my family this year!

To wind down a bit today and enjoy the last of the late summer weather, t'other half and I went out 'blackberrying'. Well I dragged him more like. Turns out the blackberries aren't quite ready just yet, but it was nice just to mosey along in the sun. T'other half was rewarded for his patience by us calling in at the pub in the village on the way back home!

The signs of autumn were all too obvious today, conkers just starting to fall and leaves just on the brink of wearing their autumn  reds and golds...

The harvest is also just beginning...our friends allotment has started to produce the fruits of their summers' labour, and they gave us two huge bags full of veggies...ratatouille me thinks with these plump courgettes...also turnips and potatoes to get to culinary grips with this week...

So to squeeze the very last drop of this amazing summer out, there's a little of the outdoors indoors in the shape of a vase squished full of late summer sweet peas... again courtesy of our allotment friends...

so another busy weekend to come, and I'm really looking forward to it - lets hope the weather continues to be kind, at least for one wedding filled weekend!

BH x


  1. Great post - wow you have been so busy its funny how loads of things happen at once and then other times you feel like you dont do a thing!! Beautiful photos xx

  2. Dear BH
    You have had a really busy (but very lovely) time just recently. I bet you're ready for a rest! My husband went blackberrying today and came back with loads; being a little further south probably accounts for that.
    Enjoy your week
    Best wishes

  3. There are some months that are full of birthdays, anniversaries and celebrations. Always fun but nice to put the feet up and have a stay at home weekend.

    My garden has started to show real signs of a change of season and things look tired and in need of a haircut and a fresh layer of compost. The harvest has started and the combines are in full swing... all night! I love the sound though as it means those horrid little corn flies will soon be no more.

    Happy blackberrying, that is something we are doing at some point this week.


  4. Ooh I love Autumn too. Best time of the year for me. What a busy few weeks you've had and I love those sweet peas.
    Patricia x

  5. Gosh you have had a busy week! The cake looks amazing and delicious. There is something very special about afternoon tea, I had one recently and couldn't eat it all! Although autumn is a great time of year, I would like just a little bit more summer please (it was so long coming!!)

  6. Wow! Busy week for celebrations. Ours all seem to happen in January of all months lol. I've noticed a few ripe blackberries along my walks too. Give it another week or too and there'll be loads ready for picking.

  7. I love your little cupboard makeover, what a brilliant idea. Sept is full of birthdays for our family on my side starting with my dads 70th. Amanda x

  8. Lovely post!I went out for a walk yesterday at 7:30 and by 8:30 is was quite dark. I can feel autumn trying to creep in already. I've been busy painting frames and making my way through anything else that's made of wood. Will look into the Annie Sloan paint, sounds like a great time saver x

  9. I have only just found your blog, courtesy of Crafty Amanda in the Med. What fun! I love your photos, and it sounds like you had a lovely few days. I'm very impressed by your cupboard makeover

  10. Hi Blueberry,
    Could you reply to this comment or leave a comment on my blog so that I can send you my email address securely rather than putting it here. I am back home now and would like to move along with your Halloween swap.
    Lovely pictures, we had a gorgeous sunset this evening but the nights are drawing in already.

  11. Love what you have done to that cupboard!



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