Saturday, 28 December 2013

Christmas 2013

It's always the same isn't it, we spend ages getting prepared, the shopping, the cooking, the wrapping, the social get-togethers, and before we know it - it's all over for another eleven months..

So before it all becomes a distant memory, this post is dedicated to just a few bits and bobs from Christmas 2013..

The tree... need I say any more.. Most peoples decorations centre around the tree at Christmastime, and ours certainly does. We headed off early December to get a nice, big tree for the living room..

A crisp, cold morning, the woods were festively decorated, music played over loudspeakers and there was even a visit from Santa himself..

It was nice to find a spot to sit and enjoy some soup whilst taking in the festivities before heading home to commence the bauble and tinselfest.. this is normally a chore at anytime of the year I find ( I really don't enjoy shopping!) but the lights were a nice twinklefest to see during my 59 minute dash round the shops...

In my last post I mentioned the counter at Selfridges with the imported sweets with prices worthy of a second mortgage, well the new Tsco store beside us has a range which included my favourite Cookies & Cream Hershey bar. Oh, I LOVE those.. When I used to fly, I used to look forward to seeing longhaul trips on my roster so that I could get my little mitts on those!

December saw a couple of craft fairs too... Fairs are a rare occurance for me these days, choosing only to do ones I really enjoy attending..

A few makes from my table...

At the local school, these reindeer were popular little fellows and flew off straight away...

It proved a successful morning, sold loads of stock and made plenty of space for next years creations...

Of course I had to seek out the cupcake lady as usual...

A visit to the Newcastle Hilton one day, and saw their huge upside down tree in  the middle of the foyer...

Also sat in the foyer was a celeb... Andre Rieu had played in town the previous night and was getting ready for  the off on his discreet coach...

A little purchase for me in December... something I have been after for ages... a Kitchenaid...  Without wanting to sound an immensely sad individual; I LOVE this kitchen gadget!! WHAT did I do without it before!?!

Of course, a cake or two was made using said gadget..

This decorated simply with glittered holly leaves and red berries and wrapped in candy cane coloured ribbon..

Another cake made was decorated with icing snowflakes.. spent a few hours in the kitchen, Elf dvd playing in the background, and me playing with sugarpaste...great fun...

Not too much on the crafty front this Christmas admittedly. The candle holder was made from candy canes and came in useful to use up last years canes that would have been thrown away..

A bit of chopping and snipping in the garden for some green stuff for another little project ....

to change this plain (and very) inexpensive faux foliage decoration...

into this...

Rosemary, pine and holly from the garden wired in after manipulating it into a heart shape, then the addition of pinecones, faux berries and some battery snowflake fairy lights to finish off before hanging on the front door... quite pleased with it..

More pine, this time in crumpet form - couldn't resist a bit of novelty crumpet...

The house got the candle and fairy light treatment...

Made for a cosy Christmas Eve whilst watching Carols from Kings... a bit of a tradition for me now...
helped along with several glasses of something 'mulled'...

Christmas Day... t'other half did good... really good!!
A. Blue. Box. TIFFANY!!

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas too,

BH x


  1. That was a lovely post, you certainly made it feel Christmassy.

  2. Great post!! Love your house by candlelight - gorgeous!! Andre Rieu sshhh he's my guilty secret lol. Aaah kitchenaids gorgeous and so strokeable. Anyhoo, most important question what was in the box!!!

  3. Oh I really enjoyed your post BH and yes it does go so quickly. I think I peaked too early this year and started crafting and socialising a tad too early (enjoyable as it was) but have decided next year to hold back a bit and enjoy the season as it creeps up on us. Love your photos. xx

  4. It looks like you've had a beautiful holiday, BH! I have a Kitchen Aid mixer too and I totally agree, it's the best thing ever. I got mine for my birthday two years ago and I can't even remember how I lived without it. Your photo of the American foods is really fun! I love it because I enjoy going to a particular store which has an international grocery section and I buy all kinds of English and other European imported foods there. Just picture the same photo but everything replaced by foods familiar to you, and that's what I see when I shop there. :)

  5. What a fab post! I loved seeing all your lovely home decorations and the makes.Loved the kitchen aid too, I got myself one last year and its my favourite kitchen item.It gets loads of use and I'm sure yours will too.Happy New Year to you and yours XX

  6. Such a lovely Christmassy post - your home looks so wonderful with all those fairy lights. Best wishes to you and yours for 2014, Pj x

  7. A Tiffany box, how lovely! I love the Hersheys Cookies and Cream bars too, and remember how excited I was when my local Sainsburys started stocking Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. Love those. It looks like a lovely Christmas - Happy New Year to you. x

  8. It looks like you have had a lovely Christmas! Your craft stall looks as if it was very pretty. Happy new year to you!
    Marianne x

  9. Tiffanny??? Tiffanny??? Girl please, you're being treated like a Princess!!! How exciting is that! I love all of your Christmas photos, I love Christmas but I have to say that at the end of it all I'm kind of relieved.
    If you want any American Chocolate you let me know, I can get anything you want here in Texas and I'll trade you for Ripples or Flakes or Cadbury or Galaxy!! LOL... Any British Chocolate will do! I'm getting ready to send off a big box to Ireland this weekend, I think I'll just keep stocks of American Chocolate so I can send it off and trade for British Chocolate... Oh and British Magazines!! Oh yes.... I think I might be on to something... ha! I hope you have a wonderful New Year. Full of peace, happiness and health! Much love to you,


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