Sunday, 12 January 2014

Slower Start to the Year..

It may be almost two weeks into 2014, but not too late to wish all you lovely readers a very Happy New Year!

Time does have a habit of running away from me at the moment, but I am making a determined effort this year to slow down a bit and try keep up to date here a bit more often than I've been able to recently.

Slowing down today involved donning walking boots, the Christmas scarf and gloves, grabbing gadget camera II as well as t'other half, and heading out for a walk nearby...

Surprisingly, given the cold, there were quite a few people out and about - cyclists, dog walkers and the odd jogger... though this horse was all on his lonesome...

It was absolutely FREEZING... really slippy underfoot too but Jack Frost had made everything look nice and wintry...

This house will look even more lovely and very Christmas card like with a sprinkling of snow, which judging by the sky today is not too far away...

Speaking of Christmas, in my last post I did a round up of just a few of my seasonal highlights and as I'd intended a post solely for the wonderful afternoon spent in December at the Crafts House Christmas workshop, I didn't mention it. If you're a regular reader, you may have read about previous visits and the great workshops held there. If not, you can catch up here, here and here 

This workshop, just like the ones before, was sooooo much fun!

There was a gift bag on the table (chocolate Matchmakers inside - fab!), as well as all the projects for the afternoon ready and waiting. The wooden Christmas tree was project number one...
a really effective project, rustic and shabby chic - just how I like them...

Project number two...
An angel heart, made up using decoupage, paint, wire and favourite project at the Crafts House - ever!

Love it so much it's staying out all year, hanging from a little cabinet in the Huff House...

Project number three...(started after a buffet that consisted of the most delicious, cakes, cookies and scones - cheese scones so delish I could spend my life living off them alone)
A lovely little reindeer with quirky antlers and such a cute face.
Thank you Sandra for all your hard work and for giving us another lovely afternoon :-) xx


Whilst still rolling with the Christmas catch ups, I took part in the Cracker Swap hosted by Tracy over at Mad About Bags and I was partnered with the very kind Suzanne, and here is the cracking little cracker she sent to me...

Amazing how she managed to fit so many things inside! Lovely gifts including heart charms, a mug  cosy, threads and chocolates..

This is the cracker I sent...

and the goodies squeezed inside... (awful quality photo taken on my phone as the camera batteries were well and truly dead)

The house has now been de-Christmassed and favourites like these spotty baubles are now put away for another eleven months...

However one polka dot decoration really has to be replace with another, and these string lights hung in the Huff House fit the bill perfectly...

They even got the crafty mojo going as it had been missing for a while. This rather horrid looking but handy sewing box was so in need of a revamp...

So inspired by the lights, an offcut of red spotty fabric and a piece of plain red fabric was all that was needed to make over the box into something a bit better looking.

Still need to attach a button and loop fastener and perhaps a length of red pom pom trim around the lid...

So on to the next 'to-do' on my list...there's plenty to choose from to keep me busy this year (and probably into the next)!

BH x


  1. Happy New Year to you too! The picture with the red berries on is beautiful! You live in the lovely part of the world :) Gorgeous little bits and pieces to drool over in your post - thanks for sharing - I covet those lights, particularly!

  2. Gorgeous feel good post, loved itXX

  3. Happy new year to you, glad you enjoyed the cracker swap and your sewing box revamp is fabulous xx

  4. I so love your lights, I definitely covet them! Good to get out and some lovely crisp fresh air :) xx

  5. What a fabulous makeover for the sewing box! It is very jolly, as are those super lights! Chrissie x

  6. Loving your polka a dot makeovers x

  7. Your photos are lovely xx Love all your makes at the Craft house and your transformation of you sewing box is fab!!

  8. Love the revamped sewing box. Happy New Year.
    Patricia x

  9. Oh Happy New Year. Love the look of the frost lanes it looks just gorgeous. The sewing box revamp is amazing it looks great, Ive got a proper dowdy one that I hardly use, I might give this a go I had never thought about it. Thanks for the inspiration x

  10. Im so glad I popped by to say thanks for the good wishes. This was a lovely post. I dont know how I missed it. Love your Christmas makes and your 'new' sewing box. Looking Good!

  11. Oh I love those lights and your new, re-vamped sewing box red is my favourite colour. Have you had any snow yet, no sign of any here in east anglia yet.

  12. I absolutely adore that box! I have a think about polka dots, add them in with some red... and voila... perfection!
    I love your lights and all of your crafts from Christmas as well... Is that the village in which you live? You are so blessed to live in or around such a place... magnificant...
    Much love to you and I hope you have a great weekend,

  13. Gutted for your marked cross stitch are you able to save it by disguising the marks maybe making it into a cushion??? OOh looking forwad to seeing your Carline Zoob xstitch - didnt realise she did x stitch - thought it was just art work for pottery etc :-) (if you know what I mean lol)


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