Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Deepest Winter

So now, here we are in the deep, slow depths of winter. There are a few promising signs that spring is nearing - the nights are getting lighter for a start - at long last, but lets not fool ourselves into expecting an early, glorious spring - last year we again had snow at Easter!
Things have been busy as ever round here despite the sloth of this time of year; so when I spotted this cushion I heeded the advice. (Geordie to English translation for those not fluent: Do calm oneself and take a seat)

The result - I've a week off work! Couldn't have chosen a better week actually, the weather has turned colder and the rain is turning to snow. Time to hunker at home...

Although the days may be that little bit longer now, but it doesn't mean they've lost their grisly grey hue. To shed some much needed light, there's a plethora of fairy lights lit about the house and enough candles to warrant the heating not being switched on...

The sofa has been one of the main places I've plonked myself, with something crafty, something sweet and something to watch... I'm in love with these little critters, so have enjoyed repeated sophisticated, mature DVD viewing...

Picking up a seasonal read to get into... and the joy of finding a hidden bar of deliciously divine limited edition Dairy Milk from Christmas to accompany...


When I said the weather had changed, we had the first snow of the winter. Not bad going getting to February here without having the amount of snow we've had previous years. The longer days mean the solar gubbins in the garden stay on longer of an evening too...always nice to see...

Some of the roses have flowered all the way through from last summer, which is highly unusual. The cherry blossom is out on in the garden too, but with a covering of the cold stuff it's unlikely they'll fruit this year now....

How heavy that snow did fall! A proper blizzard last night which came from nowhere - clear skies one minute, then big, fat flakes falling from the heavens. It did make the Huff House look all cosy, if a bit Swedish cabin-like (not a bad thing though - I love the Scandi look!) (also my gadget phone must have a really slow shutter to produce these 'stripes' of snow)

If  not ensconced upon sofa, I have been in the aforementioned Huff House happily faffing away. At the weekend there were a few bargains picked up, a lovely little wooden tray from a CS, vinyl to cover the Huff House benches (floral, v.pretty and only 79p a roll) as well as some paints and pens to tart up (technical term) an old picture frame (more on that in a bit)

After vinyl-ing the benches, out came the Annie Sloan paint (- honestly, one tin goes on for ever of that stuff,) and the little tray went from plain pine to antique white. Made a little reversible laminated liner to go in the bottom too.

A lovely little project, also handy to keep a few things nearby...namely Raspberry Ruffles...what a weakness for those I have...

The paints and pens were to use on this frame, using these two hearts for inspiration...

Definitely more 'shabby' than 'chic' but I quite like it. Not a smidgen near the standard when made in person at the Crafts House though!! A little cross stitch inside, frame now hanging on the wall in said Huff House..

So a few more days off to enjoy and plenty more to keep me occupied...may even reacquaint myself with the sewing machine as its been quite some time since we met.

BH x


  1. That pillow is funny! I hope your weather improves soon. In the meantime, it looks like you're keeping busy, cozy and warm!

  2. Good to read that you're taking full advantage of your time off AND this horrible weather! Love all your bits & bobs, and especially the cushion :-)
    Have fun & stay warm,

  3. Lovely post and I like what you've done with the picture frame and the tray. I might have to get some of this Annie Sloan paint as I keep hearing all about it and how good it is :)
    Patricia x

  4. Loved seeing all your pretty things and heart shaped bits and bobs! Its lovely to snuggle down, eat a bit of chocolate and do a spot of reading. My idea of bliss in the winter.

  5. I'm your latest follower and will call again. I love all your cosy homely treasures, especially your house lantern Keep warm..


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