Sunday, 9 March 2014

Happy Spring!

Spring has sprung!
And very nice it is to see, it's been a very long time coming. We are not quite yet at the Spring equinox (11 days to go still), but already skies are bluer, clothes chosen are less heavy and bulky and are a bit lighter and spirits generally brighter..

So lovely to see colour appearing; whether it be blossom on trees, tulips in the florist...or even this row of pastel coloured cottages which are not too far away from here...they suit spring!

Seeing crocus bulbs blooming in the churchyard was a lovely colourful scene, typically countrified with the vicars bicycle propped up outside...

An amaryllis I received at Christmas has eventually decided to flower after much cajoling and pandering to. Today its got three large trumpet shaped red blooms and a second stem is about to's huge...

The door was flung wide open this morning, while the sun streamed in and the smell of bacon frying wafted out...a bit of a Sunday morning essential really, especially after one or two vinos the night before...

With the spring sun shining this week, it showed up the protective layer of muck on my car that has been looking after the paintwork most of the a trip to the car wash revealed the sparkly blue underneath I almost forgot was there...

Nice shiny car and sunshine means top off and a drive to nearby Bayberry Hollow...this place is gorgeous...a former pub that has been transformed into a coffee shop and shabby chic haven..

Always have to have a scone whilst there...this time butterscotch and pecan...

There is always goodies galore and inspiration by the bucketload there, so after this trip my rustic, shabby chic loving inner was stirred and after an hour or so in the Huff House this was the result. A little gold frame was Annie Sloaned, sanded down in places, and a little scrap patchwork sewn and put inside...

The sunshine today meant a little bit of time spent outside sowing some seeds... I've not got a garden plan, never do, just would like lots and lots of colour for this summer...

Despite the golden ball in the sky putting in an appearance, it was still a wee bit cold, so afterwards a hot bath, a pile of magazines and chocolate beckoned... I've no willpower so I succumbed easily...

Lets hope this spring will now be a long and sunny one!

BH x


  1. Great post - lots of lovely photos. Think we've all thought the same with the sunshine - a little bit of gardening/tidying too. Loving Bayberry Hollow!!!

  2. Such lovely spring scenes. I'm so glad the weather has improved there. That row of pastel cottages is so pretty, I would love to walk on that street. You've inspired me to have my car washed too, maybe this week. Hope your week is good.

  3. That shop and tea rooms looks beautiful, I love little places like that. Also loving your little creation, it's so pretty and looks very effective x x x x

  4. I love the shabby chic tavern, filled with such gorgeousness and all finished off with tea and scones. Mmmm my idea of heaven.
    Patricia x

  5. Que lindo seu blog.

    Espero que a primavera não tarde!!


    Lígia e =^.^=


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