Sunday, 15 June 2014

Three Seasons In One Post...

As promised, this is my second post in two days - a first in a long time round these parts!

I kind of fell out of the blogging habit (mainly due to the convenience of Instagram, I must admit..) but I've still been crafting and creating, despite being really busy these days (the quickness of IG is such a convenience...makes me a right old lazy blogger... :-)

Late spring is over, and early summer is now upon us, albeit a bit wet so far, but a few sunny spells have appeared with hopefully a lot more to come and a summer like last years' would be just marvellous, thank you very much.

Everything is literally coming up roses at this time of year, and the colour that comes with it is such a joy. Of course, there's always the weeds (but they are simply a plant in the wrong place (apparently)), and occasionally they can be rather beautiful...

Tulips are my favourite flower (after white roses), so every late spring, the house invariably has the odd jug placed here and there...

A trip to get a pint of milk and a magazine ends up with some coming home too..

What I've never experienced before is edible flowers on a savoury dish. Yes, I've seen them used in cake decorating to stunning effect, but rather nice it was to see chives, flowering thyme and violas served with lamb! This was at the local college where they have a great restaurant where you get chef quality three courses - all for less than a tenner. If you are local, I highly recommend a trip to the Chefs Academy.

Still on the floral theme, I won this scarf, it, was a prize in a competition. Very pretty, light and extremely summery - I'd have bought this for sure had I spotted it! Its great with a denim jacket..

With colour making such a reintroduction (as opposed to my love of neutrals...) this little creation fits the bill not just for its colour, but especially during the British summer it being a brolly!

The barley twist pine frame was a car boot bargain (50p) and a lick of Annie Sloane chalk paint gives it new life and look...

The stitchery itself was simply stitched on a piece of oatmeal linen (cut up from a pair of linen trousers from Primani) using variegated rainbow floss, and hundreds of French knots - really easy to do, no concentrating on a pattern needed whatsoever..

A final addition of a few Swarovski crystal 'raindrops' and its all finished, framed, mounted and hung...

This little bottle of gorgeous summer polish reminds me of the colours of the French knots, perfect for summer toes...

I also had a play about making a French knot 'blueberry heart', intending this to become the new blog header photo/banner at some point, when I have added the rest of the worded embroidery... again, an offcut bit of linen and blue variegated simple..

We were invited to a wedding recently, and when I saw the invitation I knew what I'd make as a gift, so supplies were gathered and a day spent sewing to bring the plan to life..

I've made one of these before, but without the embroidery, but as it was for a wedding gift I thought it was a nice little addition to the design..

I picked colours as close to the invitation as possible, and it came out better than I'd dared hope! I was thrilled they liked it too - its always a worry for me when I make a gift...

Cushions are a love of mine, and a recent visit to the newly refurbished pub in nearby Blanchland saw these 'Northern' themed ones dotted about the bench seats inside...

I fancy trying something similar using transfer medium, where you print a photo or text and transfer it onto fabric using the liquid medium...I'll let you know how it goes and if the idea actually makes it off the 'to-do' list!

One of my mums friends passed on a boatload of crafty mags to me the other week and I'm still ploughing through them. There's one with a gorgeous quilt made from Tilda 'Sweet Christmas' fabrics (which although they have the 'C' word in the name, are not typically festive at all in the traditional sense) and is at the top of the 'to-do' list. Also there's a few Autumn/Hallowe'en themed mags with loads of nice projects...

At this time of year, even though its just early summer, I do so look forward to the next golden season as its my favourite, so the many autumn saved images I have start to get looked through for inspiration!

When I saw an advert for new Revlon polishes, with one delectably called 'Autumn Spice', I knew it'd be coming home with me...the colour is so gorgeous...

There's one slight flaw in the whole marketing/product; and it is the fact its perfumed...I mean, it's not as if you can proffer your painted fingernails to someone to let them enjoy the 'Parfumerie' fragrance...

And with that thought.., I shall leave you for now... :-)

BH x


  1. Autumn is by far my fave season, have to get myself some of that nail polish!

    Love the embroidery too.


  2. This is a great post although its leaving me very envious!!! Your makes are gorgeous and I take my hat of to you and your french knots - can I heck get away with them!!! Beautiful scarf - how nice to win that (ooh did I see your name come up on a win at snowflower diaries on facebook???) if so congrats xxx p.s. can I come and play at your house and read your magazines lol and paint nails!!! lol xxx Enjoy xxx

  3. Lots of loveliness to look at in this post Terri. I think you have been busy. So many beautiful makes.And I have to say I'm a tad jealous as that scarf is sooo lovely!

  4. I'm dreaming of Autumn already! That scarf is gorgeous you lucky gal. Perfumed nail varnish though?! Lovely colour but perfrumed? Really?! Good to see you posting again.

  5. I really enjoyed this post, lots of lovelies to ponder over. I love the cushion you made its gorgeous and as for the scarf, well simply divine. I'm a great fan of Phase Eight. Not sure about perfumed nail polish though! Patricia x

  6. Yoo hoo, lol just read your comment :-) sent you a friend request xx Oooh looking forward to you next post - enjoy your goodies xxx

  7. Thank you for your nice comment on my blog!
    I love your post too. I am really really in love with your Cath Kidston bag. You know that I love polka dots.
    I have the CK bag with the roses.
    And your scarf is beautiful.
    Miss xx

  8. Lots of lovely things in your post, the bargain frame and your embroidery is lovely as is the wedding gift - I'd be over the moon to receive that. And that lamb looks delicious, we have a restaurant attached to our local college and I believe it's fantastic, and cheap.

  9. Love your cushion what a wonderful wedding gift. The scarf is very pretty- what lovely colours.

  10. I love everything!!! That umbrella with the french knots is so lovely! And of course the blue heart! And the Cath Kidston bag was spotted :) All of your photos are gorgeous!
    You're right about instagram though, it's easy to just post photos and neglect to tell the whole story behind them!
    I hope the rest of your week is really great!
    Much love,
    Tammy x

  11. I changed my blog address so I'm no longer on any of your follow lists, please note my new address, it's ... I miss my blogging friends!


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