Sunday, 24 August 2014

Autumn Glow & Howling Hallowe'en 2014 - Partners Announced

Autumn Glow & Howling Hallowe'en 2014

hello all and happy Sunday (and a bank holiday one to boot! (for some..))

As promised, here are the swap partners for this years swaps:

Golden Autumn:

Ellie at Feltabulous and Amanda at Crafty in the Med

Linda at Vintage Hearth and Helen at Moonstruckcreations

Amy at Knitterofhats and Melanie at The Patchwork Robin

Jille at Love to Craft and Blueberry Heart

Gill at DosieRosie and Blueberry Heart


Howling Hallowe'en:

Sandra at The Crafts House and Kim at Love From Peapods  (last but by no means least, Kim!! ;-)

Now the fun bit! If we can all make contact with our partners and swap details etc and sort out when we'd like to swap. If you're not already blog buds, its an ideal time to discover a new blog and see what your partners likes are for some ideas for the swap perhaps.

Jille and Gill; I hope you don't mind being partnered with me! We had an even number of participants and so to avoid yours truly sitting on the shelf watching the fun, I've joined in twice!

Any problems, please do email me (button RHS of the page) and I'll try and help you. I've also added hyperlinks above to everyone's blogs for ease.

Thank you very much for taking part everyone, I really appreciate your participation :-)

Happy swapping!

BH x


  1. Many thanks am looking forward to meeting (virtually) and chatting with Ellie at Feltabulous. Great to get back into a swap again!

    keep well

    Amanda x

  2. Looking forward to a great swap xx

  3. Yay! My partner and I have been in touch!

  4. Fantastic! Linda was my first ever swap partner back in 2011, it is lovely to be partnered with her again.

    Thanks again for organising the swap.


  5. I can't believe i missed this one this year, i've just been catching up on some of the swap parcels and they look fabulous! xx


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