Sunday, 17 August 2014

Out and About at the Gibside..

Yesterday was a day that had me at a loose end. I'd been indoors most of the week and the cobwebs need blowing away - and it was breezy enough alright...

I jumped in the car headed off down the road to the Gibside, the craft and farmers market was on and the combination of fresh air and freshly baked pastries was just too much temptation

It was surprising to see how many signs of autumn are about, it feels like it has arrived really early this year...

There were conkers galore on the trees and the leaves were just beginning to turn, a few more weeks and these will have fallen and the leaves will be lovely and golden..

The market has shrunk a bit since the last time I was there, not so many stalls and fewer still of the crafty variety, but what they do have is very nice indeed...

These heart frames (of course) caught my eye. I saw a similar one years ago in diamonds and pearls that I sooo wish I'd bought. Had I been in the market for a hip flask yesterday (well you never know when the need will arise, do you??), then this leather one would have been ideal...

What I really liked were the display crates - one reads 'C.W.S Lard'!

The on site National Trust shop always has nice bits and bobs, and these sculptures were very eyecatching... liked the peacock a lot..

Not far away from the market area is one of my favourite places to wander at the Gibside; the Walled Garden...

A large piece of this lovely old wall collapsed last year, leaving the hole you can see...

Everything seems so early this year; these were the last of the apples in the orchard... (my apple tree is just about ready - not many left though as the birds got to them)

Autumnal colours idea what this flower is but it is beautiful, especially against the black foliage...

No idea what these are either even though I have some of them in pots and grew them from seed this year (I am so not green fingered/forgetful!)

Love, LOVE pumpkins! Gorgeous ones on the vine in the veggie plots...nice to cook with, display and carve!

There are various plots allocated to different people and groups who grow such varied things...a nice place to come and tend your veggies... :-)

At the back of the walled garden was this marquee, all set up for a wedding and how beautifully done. Anything with bunting looks lovely to me anyway...

The addition of lanterns to light the evening and haybales to sit on is so rustic and so up my street! I bet the bride was beyond thrilled with the whole set must have looked even more beautiful in the evening all illuminated...oh to have been a guest!!

So tea yesterday evening consisted of a 'posh' quiche bought at the market from a stall selling the most amazing speciality breads and pastries, 'cheats' potato salad made with soured cream & chive dip (extra, extra chives from the herb planter outside thrown in for good measure) and a large side order of healthy green stuff (not what I normally call it but I am being polite!)

Also a bit more of my 'meeses' cross stitch, which is coming along bit to do is the beaded blackberry at the bottom...

speaking of which, the real blackberries are out a lot earlier than usual too - not quite enough for a crumble yet though..I'll have to wait another couple of weeks for that!

So a thoroughly rock and roll Saturday evening...all with an accompanying glass of Pinot...or three...bliss!

BH x

Also, just a quick last shout out for the swaps; if you'd like to take part, click here to read the original post and sign up. I'm going to leave it open a bit longer as I forgot to put the photos on my side bar and not as many have signed up so far as previously, so to give everyone a chance I'll draw names next weekend, on Sunday 24th August (hope that's ok with everyone) BH x


  1. First flower is a Dahlia the second is a Marigold. ;-)

    We have some friends who got married in the chapel at Gibside, it's a beautiful place.

  2. I dream of that kind of visit...
    So beautiful pics and I am looking forward to see your finished embroidery.
    I like your tea cozy in your last post.. I love tea cozies.
    Have a good weekend

  3. I so enjoyed this post!! I adore farmers/craft markets but the one we have here in Stourbridge is a bit of a sorry excuse for either really. Love the peacock too and what a good idea about the cheat's potato salad! I have the very things in my fridge so that will be on the menu this week! Thank you!

  4. Looks like a gorgeous day, I love places like that!
    I Hope you have a good week,
    Tammy x

  5. Hi BH, I visited Gibside last weekend too - I might have walked right past you as there were a few folks taking photos! It was lovely to be out in the fresh air and see the changing season! I love to wander up to the stable block cafe, grab a take-out coffee and a choccy bar to munch on while I trek back to the exit! The walled garden is so interesting with all the allotment plots to peek at and I love it that they are now growing flowers in the old orangerie. Here's hoping for a long autumn! Have a good week. Karen B x

  6. Wow it looks so lovely, and so beautiful pictures!

    Btw your blog is amazing. I followed you on bloglovin and GFC. :)

  7. Lovely photos - particularly the one at the top with the building in the background. YOu're right about Autumn - it feels as though it's arrived early this year.


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