Sunday, 10 August 2014


This summer...

It's been another good 'un here in my part of merry old England...

As a result my behind has more often than not been firmly welded to the swing seat on the sun trap that is our patio, whiling away the hours with a book in hand - either crafty or novel...

Of course something with ice and a slice is always welcome on a hot summers day (or indeed after work of an evening ...)

The plants have had the time of their lives - lots of sun and the occasional downpour as is the norm in a north-eastern UK summer. These beauties are coriander flowers would you believe, such pretty and delicate little things with heart shaped petal formations. I planted up an old barrel to make a herb garden with sage, thyme and chives - right outside the back door and therefore within handy 'snipping' distance...

Also enjoyed an afternoon tea with lovely mum and my auntie one day...waaaay too much Pimms imbibed! Well, the sun was shining...

As a little prezzie for the afternoon, lovely mum gave me a fab tea cosy she'd made... an unnecessary gift but SO appreciated - how fab is this!!

I mean, it has knitted bunting!! And knitted cakes!! Currently on display in the kitchen, pride of place.

Having such gorgeous weather has meant lots of out and about trips...this was at Tynemouth Victorian station market one Saturday. It had been a while since my last visit and it had grown so much with so many stalls on both sides of the station. I managed to pick up an old Keiller marmalade jar, was over the moon as I'd hankered after one for ages!

Not just antique-y stalls, but lovely shabby chic ones too. Wished I'd bought one of the alphabet stamp sets on this stall, but then its an excuse to go back again in the next few weeks..

Another visit to York in midsummer and it was heaving...

It was the week before the Tour de France passed through and there were plenty of 'nods' to the race dotted about the city; like these yellow bikes..

Betty's as always paid excellent tribute, draped in the window was bunting made of little race jerseys!

A bit of shopping and the only thing I picked up in York were blinking loom bands! Yes, I got well and truly suckered into the craze of the summer. Finding myself bored, in a hotel room and without a loom saw the phrase "necessity is the mother of invention" be applied. Two pens fastened together with a couple of bands did the trick nicely..

Back home, t'other half and yours truly headed to one of our favourite places for a walk and a picnic, at the Gibside...

Such a gorgeous day, it was apparent by the dappled, golden light that the summer is beginning its slowdown and is starting the gentle roll into autumn,,,

Indeed the first hay bales of the season are in the fields up the road from to see these...

So, late summer/early autumn inspiration has hit, and a long overdue project has been dusted off and started. Overdue by some seven years, but better late than never eh! It's a cross stitch picture of field mice dangling from blackberry cute it is! It has lovely, rich autumn colours and lustrous seed beads to make the berries - cant wait to finish it...

Continuing to get my early autumn on with this rather fab scarf in a ball. It is the kind of wool/yarn that falls into gorgeous ruffles with the extra bonus of this having wee pompoms on it.. need some size 4 and a half knitting sticks then I'll be making a start on this...

The nights have also just started to get darker that little bit earlier - but what a difference it makes. Candles have started to be lit for their illumination for the first time since about May...the start of cosying up - love that!!

Just a reminder too, for those that love the 'cosy season' or the 'orange and black' of Hallowe'en,  I am again hosting an Autumn & Hallowe'en swap.

If you'd like to take part in either, pop on over to the post here and leave a comment letting me know which you'd like to take part in...

Have a great week all,

BH x


  1. I love Tynemouth Market. We were there last weekend. I have actually got a alphabet stamp set from that lovely craft stall. You'll have to go back for one another time. Kathy x

  2. Your summer does look like it's been wonderful, I'm so happy for you, I love that tea pot cozy!!!
    I hope you have a great week,
    Tammy x

  3. Great post - I love your new tea Cosy, how fab is that!!! Loving your cross stitch too and can't wait to see your finished scarf :-) any picking your Caroline zoob stitching??? Xxx

  4. Looks like you've been having plenty of Summer fun

    Victoria x

  5. It looks like you're getting the best out of this fabulous summer.. or at least it was fabulous until it started to rain!
    Ahhh, Betty's. I went to the one in Harrogate once, what an experience that is.

  6. Such a long time since I've been to York, I bet it was so busy espeically at that time. I've seen those little loom bands in packets in shops and the hairdresser was wearing a bangle her son had made but I couldn't see how the little bits became the bangle - I think I can now - great improvisation:)


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